GATE 2018: Official Question Papers and Answer Keys released

Mumbai: The Question Papers and Answer Key of Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) 2018 have been officially released. These are available on the official website of GATE 2018.

Both Question Papers and Answer Keys of all 23 papers have been uploaded.


One can challenge the Answer Keys: In the GOAPS portal, a module to contest answer keys will be available from 10:00 hours (IST) of 21 February 2018 till 18:00 hours (IST) of 23 February 2018.

The notification said that the candidates can contest/challenge the answer key of any question after giving their justification and a payment of Rs. 500 (for each question) through the online payment link available in the GOAPS. Contests will be considered only if the payment is completed successfully. Payment for a challenge that is accepted will be refunded.

While challenging the answer keys, the candidates should ensure that the question number is as per the PDF file of the question paper uploaded on the GATE 2018 website. A preview of the question selected is also shown in the contest portal.

The notification mentioned that for all contests on answer keys, the decision of the GATE 2018 committee shall be final and binding.

GATE 2018 Online Examination was held on February 03- 04 & February 10- 11, 2018 (Saturdays & Sundays).

Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) is one of the toughest tests in India. More than nine lakh eligible candidates apply for the test.

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