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Mumbai: The Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) exam is not very far and is approaching soon. The GATE 2018 Exam is scheduled to take place on February 03- 04 & February 10- 11, 2018 (Saturdays & Sundays). It is evident that not much time is left for the GATE Exam.  This is the time when you should start preparing seriously for the exam. This article mainly focusses on providing you with the Last Minute Tips for GATE which are prepared by the experts and will surely be helpful in reducing your stress level during the time of exam. It will boost your confidence & fill a new energy in you. Read on to know the Tips for GATE 2018 & general guidelines that should be followed before attending the GATE 2017 Examination.

8 Last Minute Tips for GATE 2018


It is an evident fact that GATE is one of the toughest examinations in the country. It gives incredible career avenues for the students who score good marks in GATE. A lot of students prepare for GATE exam every year. We have observed that as the GATE Exam approaches students start feeling nervous, stressed & the anxiety level arises in them. As a result they started losing the confidence & could not perform their best. Read the following given Tips for GATE examination 2018 & boost up your confidence. Time has come when you should not panic and instead give up your best shot.

Expert Strategy And Time Management Tips For Gate 2018 Aspirants

#1. Practicing Mock Test

Practice of a full Mock Test before the actual GATE Exam is necessary that should be seriously given in the same way as your actual Exam. After attempting the full mock test you should make an analysis of your mistakes & solve the complete paper again which will be a kind of revision. If you get stuck anywhere while solving the paper, try not to see the solution. Try to recall it and if you don’t get the solution even then, go for the solution.

#2. Not Starting with the New Topics

It will be your biggest mistake if you are beginning with a new topic that you have never studied before. Remember that this is not the correct time to build up a concept in new topic. Revise those subjects which you already know and try to clear your concepts there.

#3. Learning from Your past mistakes

You must have attempted lot of GATE Test by now. Go through them once and look at the mistakes that you have made at that time properly. Note them down and do not repeat them in the actual GATE Exam. Sometimes you commit silly mistakes while solving the questions at a faster rate. You forget to change the units and other small calculations mistakes. So, keep yourself calm & relaxed and avoid doing such mistakes during the exam.

#4. Revising all the Formulas

Go through all the formulas & practice 2-3 questions from each of them. Don’t mug up the formulas, instead try to get through the concepts so that you don’t feel pressurized during the examination. Do not spend   all your time on just one aspect of the syllabus and Keep switching between various topics. Try to revise through your notes that will be more beneficial with comparison to any other book as it will be easily understood and time saving.

#5. Being Calm, Cool and Relaxed

Keep yourself cool and relaxed before the day of examination. Don’t try to study everything & don’t start a new concept in the last minute. Have a look on formulae and equations to get some better idea of the problems. It will be beneficial if you do meditation.

#6. Getting a Good Sleep before the Examination Day

If you think of studying late into the night before your final GATE exam will help you in a way then you are certainly wrong and this habit of yours will make you pay heavily. Take a proper sleep for at least 6 hours on the preceding night of your GATE exam so that you attempt the paper with a fresh and relaxed mind. This will increase your accuracy, speed and hence your overall score.

#7. Being Ready with your Admit Card & Documents

Take out the print out of your admit Card & ID Proof and keep it ready before the exam. Read all the instructions written on the admit card properly & reach your Exam Center before time to avoid unnecessary road traffic.

#8. Taking Care of Negative Marking

While attempting the GATE Paper do not make guesses and avoid over-attempting the questions. Attempt only those questions of which you are 100% sure. Don’t ignore the aptitude section, it will help you to fetch marks. A quick glance at the questions will help you to find out whether it is worth solving or not.

Last, but most importantly, it is the state of your mind and mood which are more important than the amount of hard work you have done during your preparation. Therefore, believe in your hard work and you will definitely pass the exam with flying colors.

Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out. Read inspiration Tips from GATE Toppers to know how they prepared for the exam!

We wish you, All the Best for your GATE 2018 Examination!!

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