Garodia International Centre for Learning Mumbai (GICLM) hosts MISA’s SYNERGY Event 2018-19

Mumbai, 19th January 2019: Garodia International Centre for Learning Mumbai (GICLM), a prominent IB school in Mumbai had another feather in its cap as it hosted the edition of MISA (Members of International Schools Association) SYNERGY 2018-19 event in Mumbai. The event brought together young scientific minds aiming to create a better tomorrow. Students across member schools got an opportunity to display their scientific skills and compete with each other through a science exhibition and presentation about their innovative projects.

33 member IB schools and 322 students participated in junior and senior categories. The categories in science and technology are: applications ingenetic engineering, IVF, biotechnology, bionics, genetic modification, brain enhancement, prosthetics, architecture, mechanics, machinery infrastructure,interfacing, artificial intelligence, health and medicine, environment and conservation specifically addressing problems of food scarcity. Students demonstrated their unique innovations to address existing problems.


The projects focussed on how technology has enhanced the quality of human life and was adjudicated by independent judges. Prizes are awarded to Vibgyor High, Goregaon in junior category and Pinnacle High International School in senior overall category. The event saw winners in various sub-categories and all participants received MISA certificates.

“We are delighted that MISA committee chose GICLM to host the science exhibition. There is great enthusiasm amongst our students who are waiting to showcase their innovative ideas along with other students from the participating schools. We look forward to having and organising many such-like events in our school premises to encourage our students towards practical learning” commented Nishant Garodia, Founder, GICLM on the occasion.

The aim of conducting the event was to encourage functional, practical and world-class quality education which will bring about an educational breakthrough blending Indian traditional values and modern innovative methods of learning. It aims to upgrade schools in international curriculum training which will produce global citizens who are educated, nurtured and framed to build a better tomorrow.

In the previous edition GICLM gained second place gaining awards in most categories. Its student’s innovative science and technology projects addressed pertinent issues, finding solutions, and pointing a way forward for future development. This was the aim for the 2019 competition.

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