Medical Students May Face Immense Challenges With the Recent Government Order on NEET: Opines Dr. Tushar Vinod Deoras, Astute Career Counselling Academy

Pune: Indian Government’s recent decision to make NEET entrance exams mandatory for Indian students who wish to study MBBS in foreign medical institutes has invited mixed reactions from the industry. While it works towards addressing several petitions moved by medical aspirants, it has also presented problems for the students already pursuing medical courses abroad. In support of the medical students studying abroad, Dr. Tushar Vinod Deoras, a Pune-based education and career consultant and C.M.D of Astute Career Counselling Academy, voiced his concern on the challenges this move would face.

Dr. Deoras also requests that NEET exams should be only mandatory for new students going abroad and once students clear it, it should be valid for three years for international admissions. He also states that students pursuing BS course abroad like in USA and Philippines should be exempted for giving NEET as they are already out of the country. He further proposes that Medical Council of India (MCI) should issue Conditional Eligibility certificate for students opting for BS+MD program in USA, Philippines, Caribbean Island and many other countries having USA-based education while leaving country for BS course only with a rider to get admitted for MD program.


Dr. Tushar Vinod Deoras, C.M.D., Astute Academy, says, “I believe ‘Quality Education is Fundamental Right of Every Student’, thereby counsel students for quality education in India and internationally. We welcome this move by Ministry of Health as it will help create better doctors. However, making NEET exam mandatory for students who have already spent 1 to 3 years in International universities will put tremendous pressure on students as they need to come back to India and clear NEET exams.”

He further adds, “With the recent order, the Ministry exempted students currently studying medicine in International universities if they have taken ‘Eligibility Certificate’ from Medical Council of India. MCI does not provide the Eligibility Certificate to students flying to USA, Germany and Philippines but provides the Eligibility Certificate for students flying to China, Russia, Ukraine, etc. Since MCI does not issue Eligibility Certificate for BS course despite being admitted in BS+MD course, students need to take Eligibility Certificate after completion of BS course only i.e. after spending 4 years of BS in USA or 2 years in Philippines. It’s a major cause of concern as USA, Germany and other countries following US education system provide quality education and this might affect the academic scenario for the future doctors of our country.”

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