2gnō.me enters India to help students develop soft skills for career success

New Delhi: Only 21% of India’s engineering students managed to secure a job through campus recruitment, and the biggest challenge is soft skills, according to the Times of India article on November 21, 20161. On this context, 2gnō.me (“To know me”), a technology provider of soft skills intelligence, is partnering with Byndr, a mobile-first learning management platform that helps colleges in India connect their students to the resources they need to succeed.

Through this partnership, college students can enhance awareness about skills such as communication, collaboration, judgment and more. Each skill is based on social expectations in professional settings that are critical to workplace success. Students get to baseline their results relative to their peers, reflect on strengths and gaps, and get connected to personalized learning resources to improve where it makes sense.


Sasidhar Sista, Byndr, head of Business Development said “Soft skills are the second most requested area of interest after core university content. While students have a high technical skillset, they often are lacking in some of these soft skills and the 2gnō.me platform offers a tremendous opportunity to address the changes needed to ensure success in the workplace.”

Ilya Zeldin, founder 2gnō.me said “Soft skills are responsible for up to 80% of professional success. 2gnō.me provides an authentic, transparent window into ourselves through the honest feedback of the people whose opinions matter most to us.”

2gnō.me makes high-caliber skills assessments accessible to individuals and educators previously priced out of the market.

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