Average shelf life of a particular technology is 18 months, thus adaptability holds the key

Hyderabad, 19 December 2017:  What Industry Wants is a joint initiative of TalentSprint and HYSEA to bridge the gap between the academia and the industry and sensitize them on rapidly evolving industry trends.

“Today it is not just being able to do a variety of things but being able to demonstrate one’s skills through various platforms available”, said Mr. Vasudevan Rajagopalan, Head Talent Acquisition- India, TCS. He was addressing engineering students, those in their third and fourth year, at a seminar titled What Industry Wants, which was organized by TalentSprint in association with HYSEA (Hyderabad Software Enterprises Association) recently. He also mentioned that programming is the new Mathematics and irrespective of an engineer’s stream, he or she should be able to code. He asked students to be innovative since re-imagination is what brings innovation to life.


Mr. Srinivas Rao, the COO of HYSEA, was also present at the event and reaffirmed their commitment to helping fresher’s understand the needs of the industry.

Addressing the young gathering Mr. Rajagopalan urged youngsters to decide what they want to be best at because success is an individual goal. He said the usage of technology has sky rocketed since 2005 and the average shelf life of a particular technology is 18 months, therefore adaptability holds the key. Today technology does not enable businesses but drives them.

He emphasized on the importance of being agile and said the industry now wants people who know the domain, technology, process, financial implications and are able to articulate and interact confidently with the customers or clients.

Mr. Vasudevan further stated that, “Learning a foreign language for engineers today could be a major differentiating factor, because it allows them to be a part of the global workforce. He also encouraged students to use every forum and stage as an opportunity to learn and look beyond their prescribed curriculum.”

Recently, HYSEA and TalentSprint had announced a collaborative effort titled What Industry Wants (#WIW), a series of monthly interactions where industry experts will share career insights with college students to shed light on the impact of disruptive technologies (Automation, AI/ML, Big Data, BlockChain, IoT, Cybersecurity) on future careers.

Past WIW speakers were experts from BigBasket, Cognizant, Broadridge, Hitachi, and Infosys. TalentSprint and HYSEA are lining up a series of speakers to contribute on this platform over the next year.

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