Amongst the Top 10 Education Portals and Top 100 Startups in India

Bangalore: which was established in in the year 2015 has now earned its place amongst the top 10 Education Portals in India., registered under Scandium Technologies Pvt. Ltd. has been showing a tremendous growth in terms of Alexa rank, social media followers as well as in the number of students visiting the website.

The Alexa rank of is on a record high of less than 3,870 in India and less than 60,000 around the globe with more than 100% increase in web traffic. The page views recorded by was more than 4 million, which proves the fact that there has been an increase of interest among visitors especially students. It’s not just Alexa or Web Traffic where is seeing growth in, even on Social Media, it has managed to grow more than 50%, especially on Twitter. This is the first education portal to gain such a following on a platform like Twitter.

AD was also listed amongst Top 50 Education blogs in World by Feedspot and also amongst the list of Top 100 Startups by Startup Ranking. The education blog was introduced just a few months back and it has already started helping students with their career decisions. “We are trying to think from a student’s perspective to help them make a well-informed decision about their career. What we are trying to do is create content which gives them a complete idea of what kind of career they are getting themselves into. Along with all of these, we are also trying to help our visitors get all the information that they can have about various exams and scholarships,” says Mr. Riyas Kalliyath, Co-founder of, which was founded with an intention of helping students, has now started to think from a college’s perspective as well. While the other portals are providing branding and lead to colleges, is working towards providing an end-to-end solution, from branding to verifying the leads. They also have a 24x7x365 support team offline that is helping students with counseling. is the first hybrid solutions portal that is helping out colleges on both online as well as the offline front. With such a growth rate, the founders are now thinking of scaling it up to pan India level. is taking over most of the rankings on Google Search Results for fields like BBA Aviation and others. Judging by the speed with which is growing, it won’t take long time for them to acquire the top position on Google for most of the competitive keywords. “We are working towards creating great content that will help our visitors. With all that going on we are also thinking of introducing Artificial Intelligence to our portal to help out students in a better way. If that goes according to the plan, it’ll be the first time in India, that an education portal will be implementing AI,” says Mr. Raheesh A, Co-founder and CEO of

After the success of Scandium Technologies Pvt. Ltd.’s flagship product, another one of their portal is on the verge of being launched. “While helps students to make a better decision about the course and colleges they want to get in, FirstPaySlip will be helping students to get their first job. FPS (FirstPaySlip) will be a Corporate Recruitment Portal for both companies to shortlist and for students to get jobs,” says the Co-founders, Mr. Asfaque A and Mr. Aneesh A.

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