Rockwell Automation Releases New Advancements in Analytics for Industrial IoT

New Delhi, 24th April 2018: Industrial organizations must be able to quickly identify ways to tighten production schedules and maximize revenue. Gaining insight into operations and production capabilities to make informed decisions has often involved time-intensive IT projects. Today, Rockwell Automation expanded the FactoryTalk® Analytics portfolio, a robust advanced analytics environment with powerful new tools to answer questions as — or even before — they arise.

FactoryTalk Analytics discovers and connects data sources from the edge of the network up through the enterprise, and then intelligently fuses the information to resolve issues close to the source. At the edge or the device, this can result in a near-immediate resolution of production issues.  As machine learning is put into action, FactoryTalk Analytics learns the process and looks for trends in the data, proactively presenting users with insights before an issue arises.


Rockwell Automation executed several customer pilots before the official release of FactoryTalk Analytics, which generated several purpose-driven applications that prioritize ease of use and faster time to value.

In one of our pilots, a manufacturer of solar panels used FactoryTalk Analytics to connect the data sources of legacy systems spread across multiple facilities. They are now able to more efficiently manage data both on-premise and in the cloud, which will minimize downtime and allow them to save them millions of dollars in IT spend.

In another pilot, a global automotive manufacturer implemented FactoryTalk Analytics to help improve operational productivity. Purpose-driven applications brought data together from disparate systems that had previously proven difficult to integrate and had limited workers’ ability to investigate production issues. The solution is giving production managers and executives new visibility into key areas of operations and helping them more accurately forecast production targets.

Arup Ghosh, Information Software and Process Business Leader, India and SEA said, “Solutions like FactoryTalk Analytics automate complex analytics processes, so users can create or update analytics without the help of IT teams or data scientists. This removal of the analytics middle man, combined with the software’s user-friendly interface, is what makes it possible for anyone from a machine operator to a CEO to use data for solving problems where and when they need to.”

“In fast moving production environments – regardless of sector or industry – the ability to address problems and even predict future events before they cause interruption to the business is crucial,” commented Joseph De Sousa, President, Asia Pacific – ‎Rockwell Automation. “For a fast-growth region like Asia Pacific, the advanced FactoryTalk analytics environment will be critical in allowing users to solve problems, drive tangible business outcomes and above all, remain competitive.”

Originally piloted as “Project Scio” last November, FactoryTalk Analytics is now available globally.

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