WUD students shine at ‘Expressions’ art competition at FOAID 2018

New Delhi:  A team of students from World University of Design, mentored by a faculty member won the ‘Expressions’ art installation competition at Festival of Architecture and Interior Designing (FOAID) as silver winners. Maintaining its reputation of bringing creative minds from across the country, FOAID provided a common platform for stalwarts and future designers to interact on newer facets of the design fraternity. The theme of the competition was to celebrate 5 years of FOAID by using 5 elements in the installation.

The installation made by WUD team was a tribute to the tree which is symbol of knowledge and growth. “The tree of emergence” represents five stages of emergence and process of design through different textures of stainless steel. The five stages of emergence were crafted to represent in the following way:


Stage 1- Idea which are made of past experiences and scattered thoughts is represented by reflective stainless steel.

Stage 2- Stage of Realization is represented through brushed stainless steel.

Stage 3- Tools are represented by hammered stainless steel.

Stage 4- Execution where idea has started taking shape is represented by embossed stainless steel.

Stage 5- Fruition- the final outcome of design process is represented by laser-cut stainless steel.

Mani Singh, 2nd year student at WUD and team leader for the team said, “We worked really hard on this installation from purchasing material to working with stainless steel, trying out different textures to making each and every joinery detail. The full-fledged workshops of WUD provided us all the tools and machines that were needed. Our mentor Mrs. Aditi Parikh helped us a lot. It was teamwork and dedication of everyone that we have achieved this”.

Speaking about the installation, Dr. Sanjay Gupta, Vice Chancellor, World University of Design said, “It was astonishing to see the dedication and commitment shown by these budding designers for this competition. Starting from concept generation, material sourcing, working with various tools and techniques, fixing till finishing, everything was done by them with their hands. With accessto outstanding workshops equipped with all the state-of-the-art machines at our campus students were able to bring this beautiful concept a reality.”

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