Canadian International School Creates Awareness on World Tobacco Day with Cytecare Cancer Hospitals

Bangalore, 31st May 2018: The Contextual Learning program at Canadian International School strives to take students out of their comfort zones and put them in new contexts where they come face-to-face with issues, people, and places they don’t normally cross paths with. This philosophy led to a partnership between Canadian International School and Cytecare Cancer Hospitals to raise awareness about the impact of tobacco on our lives, bodies, and children. Students first visited the hospital in Yelahanka, learned first-hand from the experts there, and left inspired to spread the message.

31st May is celebrated around the globe as the World Against Tobacco Day. This is a perfect opportunity for students to be global citizens and contribute their opinions and thoughts on the matter. They are going to do so through their sculpture, art, and theatre arts.


Join the students from Canadian International School along with Cytecare Cancer Hospitals on 31st May 2018 at the Rangoli Art Centre on 1MG road, Bangalore from 10 am to 1 pm.

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