Dalal Street Investment Journal Launches “India’s Best Business Schools Ranking – 2019”

Pune: India’s oldest and most trusted investment fortnightly Dalal Street Investment Journal (DSIJ) has announced the launch of its annual issue on India’s Best Business Schools Ranking – 2019 to cater to the growing requirements of such unbiased and well-researched information for millions of aspiring students and also their family members helping them to take the right decision while choosing the right B-School for their children.

In this annual edition, the rank of the institutes meticulously conferred after a thorough survey and research, provide an insight into the strengths and weaknesses of the various institutes and facilitates the stakeholders to make an informed choice. The rankings of the institutes not only provide an insight into the academic rigour of the institutes but also their educational methodology, the curricular, placements and the prevailing environment in the institutes, faculty-student ratio and infrastructure, among other factors.


Furthermore, the every enriching viewpoints of industry leaders and experts on the recent state of higher studies in management higher and the trends in the job market is set to provide the knowledge- students are usually bereft of.

We are sure you will find this edition worthwhile and aspiring to secure a berth in one of the best institutions for quality management education in India. We are also sure that the edition will not only give you a comprehensive and perceptive image of the management studies scenario in our country, it will also provide relevant insights into practices that will enable you to secure a profitable position in the race and make informed choices.

Says Managing Director of DSIJ Pvt Ltd, Rajesh V Padode, “Choosing the best business school for any student is a big challenge as it entails high investments and plethora of schools to choose from. Our mission in this edition is to help students shorten this curve by identifying the Top 100 schools beyond the known IIMs.”

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