IILM University Sets the Stage for Emotional Intelligence in 21st Century Education

Gurugram: Empirical evidences and data highlight the importance of equipping students emotionally to succeed in life. World Economic forum has named Emotional Intelligence (EI) as one of the top 10 job skills in 2020.

Given the increasing importance of Emotional Intelligence, IILM University Gurugram organized a Panel Discussion on the ‘Critical Role of Emotional Intelligence in School Education’ on 14th September at its campus. This session deliberated by Dr. Aruna Broota (Psychologist); Dr. Anjana Sen (Physician, Author and consultant for EI, Founding Members of the Forum for Emotional Intelligence Learning); Mr. Nishchint Chawla (Director, HeritageXperiential Learning School Gurugram); Dr M. Shanawaz (HOD Psychology Department, Jamia Milia Islamia); Ms. Rashmi Malik (Principal, Salwan Public School, Gurugram) and Dr. Shuchi Agarwal (Professor, IILM) discussed the importance of enhancing social emotional competencies of students to enable them to prepare for upcoming opportunities in the economy characterized by prevalence of Industry 4.0.


The discussion concluded that EI is the strongest driver of leadership and personal excellence, and the single biggest predictor of performance. The experts predicted that with the advent of Artificial Intelligence a lot of jobs are going to disappear in the future, but emotional intelligence will gain importance and become a differentiator.

The event was well attended by senior educators, school principals, teachers, corporates and students from across Delhi-NCR. The Panel discussion was followed by a workshop on ‘Emotional Intelligence: A Key Enabler to Classroom Effectiveness’ to explore the practical strategies to develop emotional language in the classroom and the development of emotional vocabulary as an educator. It was conducted by Dr. Aruna Broota, who is a well-known Psychologist and well received by the participants. A parallel workshop for students, ‘Unlocking EQ’ was conducted by IILM senior faculty, Dr. Sona Vikas and Dr. Gargi Sandilya. The students not only got practical insights on how they could conduct themselves better but also, explored their own emotional quotient through a psychometric test.

This event was part of the series of workshops that IILM University regularly conducts, to deliberate on contemporary trends and spreading awareness amongst students, educators and corporates. This workshop was conducted by IILM’s Centre of Emotional Intelligence, which has been set up to support people of all ages in developing emotional intelligence skills to thrive in this dynamic world through training and personal coaching develop emotional competencies in organizations, academia and schools.

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