Impartus rolls out revamped interactive video learning solutions

Bangalore: Impartus, a provider of innovative video-enabled learning solutions aimed at the higher education sector, today rolled out a newer version of its video solutions; making out-of-class learning more interactive and engaging for students and educators. Its core features of ‘Lecture Capture’, ‘Video Conferencing’ and ‘Flipped Classroom’ makes it a must-have tool for institutes adopting video learning strategy.

The new version of Impartus’ solution now provides a completely redesigned interface with enhanced user experience. Students can now engage and collaborate more effectively. The key features now include an improved video conferencing experience, in-video search, unlimited cloud storage, discussion forums and interactive video quizzes.


Impartus’ all new discussion forum enables students to post their questions, they can also upvote, downvote and write answers for the existing questions thereby sharing their knowledge. The advance search including In-Video Search lets students discover more relevant and comprehensive content. They can find their peers, follow them and get familiar with their learning patterns. Students can now upload all of their course content on the cloud and can access it from anywhere/anytime. Impartus’ new user interface is available on both Android and iOS.

“At Impartus, we are making continuous efforts to make learning more engaging, and our new release has significant feature additions along with a fresh interface designed based on detailed user feedback. Videos have become a part of mainstream education and our comprehensive solution facilitates interactive learning, making it simpler for students to comprehend even the most difficult topics. The goal is to improve learning outcomes and enable effective learning by students which are not limited by classroom boundaries,” says Amit Mahensaria, Co-Founder and CEO of Impartus Innovations.

“I have immensely benefited from my institute’s decision to adopt Impartus’ video platform, which has proved to be extremely useful. The USP of the platform is that it is highly interactive, which makes it fun and interesting to use. The new version and features are designed in a way, which enables us to study better and also create a healthy competitive study culture as we are able to view how peers are utilizing the app,” says Aditi Ghosh, a student of BITs Pilani, Hyderabad.

“We have observed that technology has been really effective in enhancing learning requirements of students and equally effective in helping teachers improve their teaching methodologies. Impartus’ solution has enabled our teachers to evaluate their lectures and teaching techniques and improvise to suit students’ requirements. They have also been fast and responsive in customising their solution to suit our needs. Through Impartus’ interactive platform, teaching is no more limited to the lectures in classrooms,” says Dr B Sadashive Gowda, Principal, VVCE Mysore.

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