JEE Main 2020 Preparation Tips to Excel NTA Entrance Exam

How should I start preparing for JEE Main 2020 from now? Will I be able to complete the syllabus before the exam? Can I get 700+ marks in JEE Main 2020? These are some of the questions that students ask frequently regarding the JEE Main Preparation. Well, nothing is hard if you work hard with strong determination. Preparation Of JEE Main 2020 needs lots of motivation and determination. Therefore, here in this article, I have provided few tips regarding how to start preparing for JEE Main 2020 Entrance Examination from now onwards.

Okay, starting with the exam date, the JEE Main 2020 Exam is expected to be conducted in the first or second week of May 2020. The Exam will take place online in two sessions- January and April. Thus, you have a bagful amount of time, like almost a year. So, let’s not waste any more time and head back to the JEE Main 2020 Preparation Tips.


Make a Strategy

So, you have a year for JEE Main 2020 Exam, so you need to strategize smartly of how to start and where how to finish within that limited period of time. Before starting to prepare, make up your mind that you have a limited amount of time to prepare for the exam. Keep at least 2 to 3 months for revision. This will help you a lot in the preparation.

Get Familiar with the Exam Pattern and the Syllabus

This is some serious advice to the JEE Main Aspirants. The Exam Pattern and the syllabus play a very important role in the exam. If you know the exam pattern and JEE Main 2020 Syllabus, then you can easily plan your schedule.

Make a Time Table and Follow It Seriously

Make a Habit. Try to get early, and try to study in the sunlight. This is because the sunrays excercise the brain cells and helps in memorizing things faster. Dedicate at least 10 hours a day to study with short naps.

Categorize the Topics as per the Difficulty Level

After knowing the Exam Pattern and the Syllabus, now categorize the subjects as per your difficulty level. If there are topics that you find is difficult then, start with the difficult subjects first. The benefit of starting with the difficult subjects is that you will get more time to practice easier subjects and revision.

Make your Basic Fundamentals Strong

The basic concepts of the topics are the pillars of the JEE Main 2020 Preparation. If your basic concepts are strong, then you can easily complete all the topics. On the basis of the fundamentals, all the topics are related. Therefore, make your basic concepts strong.

Make NCERT Books your Best Friend

Do you know that 85% of the syllabus directly comes from the NCERT Books? Well, if you are not aware of this fact, then start with the NCERT Books. The NCERT Books has complete JEE Main 2020 syllabus in the most precise way. So, grab your NCERT books and start practicing. Focus more on the example questions, because maximum questions do come from the example questions only. After finishing, the NCERT book, practice questions from the Reference Books. Make sure that you follow a limited number of books.

Make Notes of Everything – Keep It Handy

Try to make notes of everything. Notes will keep you updated with the formulas and concepts. Make the notes of the terms and concepts that you find difficult. Highlight the points that you find is important. This tip is very helpful for Maths Preparation.

Diagrammatic and Flow Chart Representation

If you are too lazy to make notes, then use diagrams and flow charts. This can be a fun way of memorizing topics and concepts. This tip can be very helpful in Physics and Chemistry Preparation.

Explain The Topics That You Find Difficult

So, this trick really works. It’s kinda weird but is efficient. Pick a topic that you find difficult and start explaining the topic to mother, brother or sister. If you are too shy to do that. Then explain it yourself. This helps to grasp the topics much faster.

Practice Previous Year Questions

Previous Year Question Paper is very important. Practice all the previous question paper sets of JEE Main 2020. This will help you to know the exam pattern more clearly. You will also get an idea of what sort of questions are asked in the exam.

Take Frequent Online Mock Tests

As you know that the JEE Main 2020 Exam is a Computer Based Test. Therefore, make sure that you take online mock tests regularly. This will improve your time management of attempting the questions faster.

It’s Revision Time

So, Now you have three months left for the preparation. Reserve the time only for the revision purpose only. Don’t start anything new, this will make you more confused and demotivated. Practice only that which you have completed. Make it as flawless as your skin.

Thus, these are some of the great JEE Main 2020 Preparation Tips for all the JEE Main Aspirants. I hope this will help you a lot. Keep yourself healthy, maintain a good diet. Try to stay away from social media apps and keep yourself motivated by watching good inspirational stories and books. All the Best for the Exam.

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