N. L. Dalmia Centre for Excellence Instigates an Era of Data Security through the Launch of its PGCP in Information and Cyber Security

Mumbai, 28th June 2018: N. L. Dalmia Centre for Excellence (the Centre), one of the leading techno-managerial academic institutes in India, is all set to begin the Post Graduate Certificate Program in Information and Cyber Security. The move aims to create future managers capable of protecting their organization’s computers, networks and data against threats, such as security breaches, computer viruses or attacks by cyber-criminals. The program is a perfect amalgamation of multi-disciplinary coursework, cutting-edge research and hands-on delivery mechanism, ensuring greater retention and a continuous upward learning curve for the pursuant.

Mr. Rizwan Shaikh, one of India’s renowned ethical hackers, who is closely associated with the Centre as a consultant for Information Security and Cyber Crime, recently stated, “The Centre wants to bridge the gap between the executive retinue and the technological entourage to ultimately boost employability. In the era of high profile hacks like Aadhaar, BSNL India and the US homeland security, companies are looking for managers with deeper knowledge of information and cyber security. As ambassadors of change, the Centre, now offers PGCP in Information and Cyber Security, which packs a punch with a quality curriculum and the backing of the well-established business institute.”


PGCP in Information and Cybersecurity encompasses over 170 hours of intensive hands-on training in the nuances of data security. Spanning across 6 months, the weekend program is divided into three modules – Certified Security and Ethical Hacking, Certified Penetration Testing Expert and Certified Cyber Expert and Investigator. The programme is specifically designed by few of the best ethical hackers and cyber experts in India to make the pursuant familiar with Phishing Techniques, Google Hacking, Privilege Escalation attacks, SQL penetration testing, Cyber Forensics, Intellectual Property Thefts and cyber law and consultation. Other targeted topics include trojan attack and counter measure, hacking by keyloggers, stenography and site analysis, buffer overflow, password checking, CSRF, Blind SQL, cybercrime and investigation, criminal tracking, crimes over mobile phones to name a few.

Mr. Shaikh further added, “PGCP in Information and Cyber Security manifests The Centre’s commitment to holistic learning. For course delivery, they rely on credentialed instructors with a hands-on approach and training in modern pedagogy techniques. The instructors put emphasis on interactive learning, encouraging the pursuant to ask any queries and addressing them through appropriate demonstrations and tools. With class size being capped low, every pursuant is taken through the subtleties of data and information security with individual attention. Our state-of-the-art classrooms and labs featuring cutting-edge software and applications are there to enhance the learning experience. Our fees commensurate with the program quality while easy loans and instalment-based payment options are also provisioned.”

An inventive theory component is yet another redeeming feature of PGCP in Information and Cyber Security. Here, the student can expect key characteristics, technology stacks, emerging trends and regularity in each technology sub-domain taken up for study. Each topic features case studies where ethical hackers and organisations reveal their success stories, helping students to adapt to the implementation part effectively and promptly, while live projects are also used for stickier learning. In this world of Big Data and data driven decisions that thrust every organisation, the program is all set to attract a deluge of learners who aspire to be future information and data security managers.

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