New Spoken English Programme “Let’s Talk” to Support the Delhi Government Education Project

New Delhi, India: There is no doubt that having good spoken English improves employability and is a valuable career skill. Additionally, it is an essential skill for higher education. With this in mind, the Directorate of Education, Delhi government, launched the Spoken English Programme for Class XI students of government schools in Delhi. The programme, welcomed by academia and industry alike, will be held in the summer vacation.

Macmillan Education India and the British Council English and Examination Services India Pvt Ltd are supporting this government project by launching an immersive Spoken English Programme called “Let’s Talk”, with teachers delivering the programme content from 1 June 2018. Let’s Talk aims to reach out to 12,000 students through engaging and interactive modes of learning English – role plays, discussions, debates, games and presentations. The programme will focus on building children’s confidence to express themselves in real life situations using a bank of phrases and structures to hold conversations.


Rajesh Pasari, Director Macmillan Education in India, speaking at the launch event said, “Macmillan Education India is excited to be part of this initiative by the Government of Delhi. We are passionate about meeting the objectives of this noble initiative and look forward to building confidence and good communication skills in students, thus building employability. Once we demonstrate our success in this project, we look forward to replicating a similar model in other states.”

As part of Springer Nature, Macmillan Education supports students, teachers and institutions through a lifetime of learning by providing them with world-class content in the most relevant and engaging formats.

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