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New Delhi: What are the effective ways in which a student can be taught or what are the effective ways of studying? A student should have two kind of prior knowledge before studying first- knowledge about the subject and knowledge about how learning works. Teachers and parents are pretty good at imparting the first kind of knowledge. Here are some tips and strategies for students Success.

 Explain it to your brain


 There is a very effective way for teachers to help students engaged in the process of developing effective learning strategies is to use metaphor like : Explain it your brain. Students who use self explanation during the study hours are more capable of understanding the concepts. Suppose you are studying a topic of physics namely – newton’s law of motion. So while studying newton’s law of motion create a image into your mind of two balls colliding each other and after colliding both the balls gets separated.

Take Breaks While Studying

When students sit in one place trying to remain focused on instructions for a long duration of time, it makes learning difficult. The result for sitting at a place for long hours and doing the same thing repeatedly can lead to boredom, lethargy or acting- out behaviour. Allow students to take break every 10 minutes by taking part in fun activities during the class time. Doing this will help to get more oxygen to the brain.

Self- Test

Teach students to take self test, taking self test will help students to know where they are failing or on which chapter or in which subject they need to focus more. Suppose a student is scoring very less marks in Biology ask him to take self test so that the student can get an idea in which section he/she is scoring less marks. If they are not able to find out the reason encourage them to consult their friends before asking the subject teacher. There is another way of self assessment, ask students: What question you think your teacher will ask you in the examination. Then provide them a card and ask them to write the list questions in one side and answers on the other side. Take those card from the students and check the answers, doing this kind of activities in the classroom will help the students to learn the topics in a very easy and comfortable way.

Teach it to friend

Whenever you are doing group study ask everyone to read different topics so that at the end of the study each one of them are able to teach something new to each other, doing this activity will help you to learn the entire topic in a detailed way and you will never forget that topic once you teach them to your friend.

 Make Schedules

Always make schedules before starting your studies for examinations. Making schedules will help you to build confidence and to study in a constant pace. While preparing the study schedule make sure that you have assigned more time to difficult subjects. If you are not able to make a study schedule for yourself ask your parents or friends to help you.

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