TCS iON launches an integrated cloud-based solution for educational institutions

Tokyo | Mumbai: Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) announced the Japan launch of its TCS iON Education Solution, an integrated cloud-based solution for academic and vocational institutions.

TCS iON provides educational institutions an end-to-end solution that streamlines operations and management across the institution and its campuses. The iON Education Solution digitises processes throughout the student lifecycle, including admissions, lesson planning, exams, evaluations and community collaboration. It provides a single interface for viewing the entire transactional history of a student from admission until graduation – from anywhere, any time and on any device.


Cloud-based iON Education Solution is highly flexible and economical, comprising a variety of modules that can be combined freely or configured with necessary functions. The modules include, among others, computer-based testing (CBT) and a learning management system (LMS), and work in coordination to facilitate active learning in the classroom and beyond.

It gives institutes 360-degree institutional excellence by automating governance and compliance processes. It ensures faculty excellence with continuous learning through professional development. Effectively using learning analytics, it contributes to improve learning outcomes to ensure student excellence. Furthermore, it provides a collaborative platform with industry and research connect to ensure academic excellence.

Masashi Ohno, sales industry leader at TCS, Japan, commented, “Japan’s academic sector, most notably tertiary institutions, are today experiencing drastic changes, stemming from intensifying competition due to the nation’s declining birth rate, advancements in IT, and ever expanding managerial requirements. Many of these organisations also face the burgeoning costs and labour of maintaining independently developed IT systems or extensively customised packaged software, which lacks the freedom and flexibility for timely modernisation”.

 “iON Education Solution helps solve these problems, thereby enabling teachers and clerical staff to focus on their core activities and deliver even higher-quality advanced education,” added Mr Ohno.

Leveraging its wealth of technological expertise built up across the globe, TCS aims to deliver truly innovative services that will benefit students, teachers and managers of Japanese educational institutions alike.

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