Who are better writers men or women

There are a lot of debates about the abilities of men and women to write and there are different positions as for the statement that men are better writers than women. Historically there is really evidence that male writers dominated in the sphere of literature. Maybe this could be explained by the fact that long time ago women were considered to have other duties in comparison to men, they were not to pay so much attention to education and careers and were supposed to take care of their families, children and homes. Modern world is different, or better to say, it is constantly changing. Some time ago it started to move to the direction of gender equality, women are nowadays considered to occupy the same positions in business or scientific world, as men.

An important characteristic of the modern world could be the fact that gender divisions in the sphere of writing are characterized as tendencies and not as absolutes. Generally it is considered that neither of the sexes is able to write better, but that they tend to write differently, as males are more concerned about analysis, actions and ideas, whereas women would prefer to focus upon processes, implications and perceptions.


Also men are more interested in describing objects and their aspects, whereas women are intrigued by relations and devote their attention to researching their peculiarities. However, assumption that men write bitter and hard stories and women produce only dramatize and light stories sounds more like a prejudice.

 Taking into consideration the diversity of the readers, their absolutely different or even polarised tastes and choices, it is not possible to state whether one of the sexes is better writers in comparison to the other. Any language, imagery, story line, style of an author could find its audience irrespective of the fact, whether the author is a male or a female. For more information on academic writing process please refer to essay writing service.

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