Industry Leaders Bat for Productivity at Asia’s Largest HR Tech Conference

Gurugram, Haryana, India: With an aim to help businesses anticipate and own future trends in the world of work, People Matters organized Asia’s largest HR Tech conference, TechHR 2018. This is the fifth edition of the conference where senior industry leaders and influencers from across the globe come together for exciting deliberations on the latest in the world of HR technology.

The first day of the three-day conference witnessed more than 1400 attendees from across sectors. Speakers, throughout the day, discussed people, technology, productivity and digital transformation, through a combination of keynotes, panels, fireside chats and master classes. While the first day was focused on ‘Productivity’, the following two days of the conference will be on ‘Innovation’ and ‘Growth’.


Ester Martinez, CEO & Editor in Chief, set the tone of the conference by sharing three ingredients that reflected upon the three-day conference. Welcoming the industry leaders, she said, “I want People Matters TechHR to be a “creative” process for you, a moment in your lives where there is a before and after, which is full of inspiration, perspectives and courage to transform. Imagination and a playful environment; knowledge & networking and mindset; inspiration & the drive to execute are the three ingredients that will drive you at TechHR’18.”

TechHR’18 is about owning the future trends & anticipating. Seeing the future is less a matter of imagination, and more one of observation. There are trends that are inevitable; technology advances, demographic shifts, impact of globalization, the changing nature of jobs, and many more. How can we create a competitive advantage for our organizations by focusing on what we know about the future? How do we accelerate the rate of change in digital transformation of our business? The answer to these questions lies in the intersection between Strategy, Technology, Culture & Talent.

Jason Averbook, CEO & Co-founder, Leapgen in his keynote address at the TechHR’18 conference gave the formula for delivering a successful HR digital technology. According to him, the formula consisted of: People, Mindsets, Processes, and Technology. “In order to change the HR space, we need to think different and figure out how we change the status quo. The rate of change on the outside of HR has exceeded the rate of change that is happening in HR. This is the first time ever our employees have better tools in their pockets then we give them to work with. For the first time ever, employees have better applications than what we give them to work with. And we in HR don’t have a “Digital Strategy”. Digital and technology are two completely different things — digital is what we are trying to reimagine business results; technology is simply the how,” said Jason Averbook.

CEOs of top organizations looked at key productivity dimensions for talent, technology, and transformation for today and tomorrow. In this panel discussion, Sunil Sood, MD & CEO, Vodafone India said, “We are on the verge of an industrial revolution which is technology based. New technologies like AI, digitalization, virtual reality, IoT will impact every industry. Therefore, we have to change dramatically.”

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