Social initiatives by tech students of IIT ISM Dhanbad

Dhanbad: Social work during study sounds great. Getting time to create social impact by involving in social activities is tough task for students like IITians. Students of IIT ISM are on a mission to spend some time in social activities.  Two recent examples of such activities carried by students of IIT ISM were lauded.

In the recent floods in Bihar in August 2017, some students of IIT ISM took part in relief operations and extended every possible help to needy persons. There were some student teams from the institute did various recue works. Even, one of the teams even conducted camps in and around Dhanbad in places like Wasseypur for clothes collection. For the medicines they contacted the Senior Medical Officer of IIT(ISM), Dr.Praveen Kumar. He had sanctioned a lot of medicines which we segregated based on the type of illness like fever, diarrhoea etc. As per his advice we also bought medicines with the money collected.


Himanshu Mishra, a final year student of Civil Engineering at Indian Institute of Technology (ISM), Dhanbad, said that the most challenging part of this campaign was to distribute all the clothes and medicines to the victims. “We had taken precautionary measures while entering Bihar and we knew that there were going to be unexpected challenges,” he added.

In another development, these students extended their helping hand to family’s of martyred soldiers. On 18 September 2016, the deadliest attack on security forces in Kashmir killed the lives of 17 soldiers. The team decided to collect funds from the students and give them to the families of Sepoy Jawra Munda and Sepoy Naiman Khujur who belonged to Jharkhand.  In a short time of 4 to 5 days we managed to collect Rs. 150000 for the two families. The students not only provided financial support but also psychological support. Over 3000 students expressed their solidarity by writing condolence messages to the family members of the martyred soldiers.

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