World’s leading accrediting authority IAA enters India

New Delhi: International Accrediting Authority (IAA), the world’s authentic leading accreditation authority expands its footprint by arriving on the shores of Asia and the SAARC countries from September 2017. Known as the torchbearer of accreditation worldwide, IAA has had a great track record of quality oriented processes that hand-held the institutions, corporates and other bodies to be accredited after adhering to international quality standards.

In his communiqué, the Chief Executive Officer, James Stewart, emphasized that it was a deliberate and strategically thought out move to enter into the Asia Pacific through India. He emphasized that India has arrived on the world platform and would be able to match international quality standards, hence this is the right time to be in. IAA would work with Indian Institutions and corporates to create awareness of the world standards in various areas like education, training, manufacturing and other processes and find ways to increase the adherence to global standards so that as a growing superpower India would be at par or be better than the developed countries.


James Stewart referred to Prime Minister Mr Narendra Modi’s recent visit to the US and emphasized that this positive signs in Indo-US relations spurred the decision of IAA to start its base in India. He emphasized that he would involve alumni from premier educational and corporate organizations and strengthen the accreditation system in India.

International Accreditation Authority would shore up its operations with a selected group of institutions which it would invite for going through the three-stage accreditation process which is considered to be one of the most stringent in the world. But the beauty of the process is to enhance quality and not create unnecessary paperwork and nuisance to the participant institutions. Only those institutions which could be the flagships of this high quality accreditation process would be invited in phase one. A train the trainer program on international accreditation standards is being rolled out in India and an Accreditation and Awards Summit is being planned in New Delhi in December 2017.

The entry of IAA in India will benefit the educational and industrial scenario of the country and will bring India into the quality map of the world and will also eliminate dubious accreditation agencies.

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