How to prepare for CDS exam in 1 attempt?

New Delhi: CDS or Combined Defence Service is an exam that is conducted by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) to recruit the officers in India Army, Navy and Air Force in academia like Air Force Academy (Hyderabad), Officers’ Training Academy (Chennai), and Indian Military Academy (Dehradun).

Needless to say that lakhs of candidates take participate in UPSC civil service exam. Only a few candidates will get a chance for further interviewed for the Intelligence and Personality Test which is conducted by the Service Selection Board (SSB).


Attempting the CDs exam with an intention to clear it in the first attempt it might be quite tough but having a strategy in hands will help you to achieve your goals easily. Planning is the first step to get this UPSC exam. Your planning process should be done after analyzing the whole time left for this exam. Never lose eth confident if a little time left with you to prepare and for this, you have to do more hard work.

Cracking Combined Defence Service UPSC exam in the first attempt is entirely depends upon your preparation process. Now the question arises, how to prepare well to crack CDS exam in the first attempt only.

  1. Must be aware of the eligibility criteria

Keep preparing for your CDS exam is an ideal step but for this, you should have to know about the eligibility criteria prescribed by the UPSC as per category. Learning is not only required to crack the CDS exam. The interested candidates should aware of age limit, educational qualification needs, as well as other eligibilities.

  1. Have complete knowledge about exam pattern

To crack the CDS exam in the first exam, you should know about the pattern of the exam that will come. For this, it is best recommended to take the help of previous year questions and papers. For this, you can download the following links. All the question papers listed over it are accurate and had come in previous years.

  1. No need to join a coaching centre to prepare for CDS exam

Most of the time, not only students but also their parents think that their children need the help of a coaching centre to make competent to crack CDS exam. They think in the wrong direction. Only with the help of NCERT CDS exam books, they can learn the entire syllabus simply and rapidly. These participants will only need to take the help of NCERT books on a daily basis. No extra time and money is needed to prepare for CDS exam.

  • The language used while writing NCERT books to prepare CDS exam is simple, accurate, and lucid.
  • These have designed in a way that follows a channelized approach towards any concept.
  • These offers conceptual multiple choice questions that will give you a chance to get the feel of the exam
  • These can clear the concepts by adding the real example, who endows the students to understand it wholly.
  1. Must know about current affairs

The current affairs of last 10-12 months are essential in the scoring part of the G.A. These are the prefixes and are easily available in periodicals, newspapers or date provided over the will help you to raise the score in General abilities.

  1. Must practice thoroughly for Mathematics

 Mathematics entirely depends on your written practice. The fact is that several types of questions are framed over a single formula. These can be easily solved if you have a prior practice of it. For this, make sure to solve maximum questions in given time.

  1. Score maximum marks in the simple parts

In UPSC CDS exam, there are simple parts in all the three papers such as passages and sentence rearrangements in English, some easy calculative question in Mathematics, and some basic question in GK. Make sure to give your best in these parts as it will help you to fetch the maximum marks.

  1. Must have time management

Make sure to manage the time allotted to complete the entire CDS exam. Students attempt CDS exam is slow manner so that accuracy is 100% but make sure that you have to attempt all questions within a given time. Hence, time management is a very significant step to crack the Combined Defence Service UPSC exam in the first attempt.

Therefore, to prepare for Combined Defence Service or CDS is not a highly complicated task.  It is an important exam that would move the candidates towards the reputed government positions. To crack this exam in the first attempt, it will be appreciated to take the help of the above guide only. Furthermore, you can click on the links available to get the accurate information. In any circumstance, if you will have any query, then feel free to write down it in the following comment box.

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