’s employee mental wellness initiative a new approach for employee engagement

New Delhi: Millennials have reported higher rates of depression at work than any other generation. According to a study, 65% millennials between the age of 22 to 25 years and 60% of millennials between 26 to 30 years exhibited signs of depression. Anxiety is more prevalent amongst the literate and urban population in India and is listed amongst the top 10 causes for  morbidity.

Now, a tech company is addressing this problem for its employees. Millennials are now the largest sector of the workforce. 1158 employees in, which is about 98% of’s workforce, consists of millennials.


Recognizing the growing problem of mental health challenges that millennials face, has taken a dynamic and preemptive initiative.’s new employee mental wellness initiative takes a holistic approach towards emotional and mental health. Its Employee Assistance Program (EAP) gives its workforce access to anonymous one-on-one counselling with proficient psychologists. Employees will also have access to these counselling services via a real-time website and mobile app.

To make sure that a strong awareness of mental wellness is created and that its employees avail these counselling services, is taking some interesting steps. The company has opted for dance therapy sessions, pet therapy sessions, Mandala colouring, and stress-busting board games for its workforce. Through these expressive steps will practically convey the benefits of one-on-one counselling.

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