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Chennai: Amid the ongoing lay-offs in the IT Industry and churning in the job markets, re-skilling and investing in emerging skills are the best way to sail through the turbulent job markets. Automation, Artificial Intelligence, and Technology is re-shaping the workplace.

On this backdrop, big data analytics, cloud & cybersecurity services, IoT, service delivery automation, robotics, AI/machine learning/NLP (Natural Language Processing) are emerging skills where job seekers or student community should enhance their focus and start investing in these areas.


Further, there are some new job roles who will enjoy upper hand in the job market are as followed: Cybersecurity, mobile app development, new user interfaces, social media, data scientists, platform engineering, etc.  Also, the following subject matter specialists will see great demand in the market: Graphic designers, humanities, sociology, security, finance, and payments.

These findings are revealed by the NASSCOM’s research report on Skilling for Digital Relevance. This report was released on 14th edition of the two-day NASSCOM HR Summit held recently in Chennai.

Talking about the re-skilling effort of the industry on the sideline of NASSCOM HR Summit, Mr. R Chandrashekhar, President, NASSCOM, said, “Tech shifts happenings are the most profound and reshaping lives and businesses across the world. The Indian IT industry is not only driving the change but is also reorienting itself to `As-a-Service-Economy’ business model. Automation is a global inevitable force and it will take time for any industry settle. In the current scenario, at an industry level, growth must outpace impact of automation. And therefore, re-skilling & up-skilling combined rigorous performance appraisal and workforce realignment should be the top most priority for employee retention and professional growth.

He further added that, “Increasingly, opportunities for technically skilled personnel is spreading across sectors, where a combination of technology skills, domain knowledge and soft skills is needed.”

The report mentioned that automation means less jobs for the same output while growth creates more jobs. As long as pace of growth is higher than the rate of reduction of jobs due to automation, net employment will continue to grow.

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