Find the list of hot jobs of 2017, are you dreaming to get these!

Mumbai:  Skills are changing with the transformation of job markets. Which are the best jobs and which sectors are outperforming in providing employment opportunities. Randstad Salary Trends Study 2017 has demystified these questions. The study lists down Hot Jobs for 2017- roles that are experiencing strong demand right now in the job market, across industries and pay relatively higher remunerations for talent in the 6-10 years experience bracket when compared to other professionals in the same salary range. Core Java professionals lead the pack with an average annual CTC at Rs 18.06 lakhs, followed by Digital Marketing professionals with a CTC of Rs 17.09 lakhs and Testing Automation Engineers at a CTC of Rs 14.67 lakhs.

The next sector providing the best salary is Axapta Consultant with annual average salary of Rs 13.52 lakhs.  Hadoop & Big Data has emerged as the best paying sector with Rs 10.62 lakhs per annum income.  Product Engineering Specialists are another hot job as these professionals are earning Rs 10.38 lakhs.


Android Engineers are placed at the 7th place among ten hot jobs as per Randstad Salary Trends Study 2017. The average salary of Android Engineers professionals is Rs 10.01 lakhs. Professionals in Finance Controller, who emerged as the eighth best salary drawing employees, are earning Rs 9.64 lakhs per annum.  Solution Architect and &D Analyst – API (Pharma) sectors are placed in the ninth and tenth places with average salary of Rs 8.95 lakhs and Rs 8.54 lakhs, respectively.

Meanwhile, the report also mentioned that employees from the FMCG industry receive the highest pay in India with anaverage annual CTC for talent across all levels and functions in the sector standing at Rs 11.3 lakhs.

 As far as the location-specific salary trends are concerned, Bangalore, the IT capital of India tops the chart as the highest paying city in the country, with an average annual CTC paid for talent across all levels and functions standing at Rs 14.6 lakhs,. This is closely followed by Mumbai which stands at Rs 14.2 lakhs, Hyderabad and NCR with an average annual CTC figure of Rs 13.6 lakhs and Rs 13.5 lakhs, respectively. Chennai (Rs 13.4 lakhs) Pune (Rs 13.2 lakhs) and Kolkata (Rs 11.4 lakhs) are the next three names that got featured in the list of top Indian cities paying the highest average salaries for professionals.

List of 2017 Hot Jobs:

RankJob TitleAverage Annual CTC in INR
1Core Java Professionals18.06 lakhs
2Digital Marketing17.09 lakhs
3Testing Automation Engineers14.67 lakhs
4Axapta Consultant13.52 lakhs
5Hadoop & Big Data Professionals10.62 lakhs
6Product Engineering Specialists10.38 lakhs
7Android Engineers10.01 lakhs
8Finance Controller9.64 lakhs
9Solution Architect8.95 lakhs
10R&D Analyst – API (Pharma)

8.54 lakhs


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