Referrals most popular sourcing channels in India while hiring via digital channels gains pace

Mumbai:  Employees search job and employers look for right talent. Which are the most popular sourcing channels for jobs? Surprisingly internal referrals emerged as the top choice for most of the employers as talent sourcing channel, as per the India Skill Report 2016. The reports finds Job portals are the second most preferred sourcing channels.  Out of the total recruitment, the share of internal referrals as a job sourcing channel is 21 percent while the job portals represent 20%.

Internal referrals have emerged as the favourites of the recruiters due to the following factors: reduction in early attrition, lesser sourcing time, and lower cost, etc. Other options like consultants, etc are losing their sheen.


With higher penetration of internet and growing usages of social media, social media as a sourcing channel is increasing.  The report finds that at overall distribution levels, 1/4th of the recruitments are happening through digital channels, which reflects efficiency in recruitment via digital channels is growing. The share of social media as a job sourcing channel is 15 percent while the company websites 10%.

Recruitment via the newest technology such as mobile (smartphone) and video resume is also slowly gaining foothold. The report further added that recruiters would use the latest trend and information analysis in the job sourcing channels for creating efficient channels for talent supply.

About the report (India Skills Report 2016): The India Skills Report 2016 covers 5.2 lakh students and 150 employers across 29 states and 7 union territories in India. The survey report was prepared by Wheebox in association with PeopleStrong, Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), LinkedIn and Association of Indian Universities (AIU). The report presents not only the employability factor of the youth from across the country from different educational background but also the needs and expectations of the employers.


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