Work from home gets a big thumps up from employees, but bosses raise concern: survey

Mumbai:  Work from home concept is gaining popularity among working professionals. On the other side, senior managers are more concerned about its benefits, reflects a new survey by JobBuzz, an employer-rating platform powered by

In a JobBuzz study, while 44% employees believe working from home improves productivity, 60% employees feel  their bosses do not promote this culture.


In a positive sign it can be noted that managers are slowly becoming flexible in encouraging employees to work from home as 30% of employees say they are allowed to work from home for at least twice a week. In a similar survey conducted in 2014, only 10% employees had claimed they had been allowed to work from home.

This survey was conducted across 1,123 working professionals across India.

While a number of studies show the obvious benefits of promoting a remote workforce, higher productivity has been rated  as the top advantage by 44% employees.

There are some woes while working from home such as household chores and interference from family members. More than 60% employees say attending to household chores is the biggest interruption they face. Following these distractions, 20% of the surveyed employees say they are more  productivity  at office than at home. Interestingly, 42% of the employees say they are productive no matter where they are working from –home or office.

On other side, 32% of senior managers feel such a policy leaves less time for face-to-face interaction and synergy, which is crucial in critical roles, especially in product and technology.

Also, 28% managers feel employees are less productive when they work from home while 24% cite difficulty in staying connected as the major drawback of a work-from-home culture. For 16% managers, attitudinal issues pose a big hurdle in allowing employees to work remotely.

“While there are valid points both for and against flexi-working, there are many possible solutions available to cross these hurdles. A proper employee tracking mechanism is one strategy that can help employers get over their hesitation in allowing remote work policies. However, only 30% employees in our JobBuzz survey stated their organizations have any such strategy in place,” says Vivek Madhukar, COO,

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