More than 27 thousand scholars received PhD degree in 2014-15 as science stream rules the roost

New Delhi: Doctoral Degree is one of the highest degrees practiced in the higher education system. In India more than one lakh students enroll for PhD programmes in various subjects. During 2014-15 academic  year, a total number of 27,327 students were awarded research degree PhD, as per the UGC Annual Report 2016.

The number of students received PhD degree during 2014-15 saw a sharp jump of more than 16% compared to 2013-14. During 2013-14, a total number of 22,849 students were awarded Doctoral Degree. Science stream saw the highest number students receiving PhD degree in 2014-15 as 7,617 students were awarded the doctoral degree. A total number of 6,890 students from Arts subjects were awarded PhD degree in 2014-15. These two faculties together accounted for 53.09% of the total number.


A total number of 4,340 Engineering/Technology students received PhD degree in 2014-15. Tech students emerge as third position in receiving doctoral degree in a single year. Students from Commerce/Management were awarded 2,305 PhD degrees. Meanwhile, students from medicine background received 1,395 awards.

As per AISHE 2015-16, 1,26,451 students are enrolled in PhD that is less than 0.4% of the total student enrolment. At PhD level, maximum number of students is enrolled in Science stream followed by Engineering and Technology. On the other hand at Post Graduate level maximum students are enrolled in Social Science stream and Management comes at number two.

As per the annual report of the UGC, there are 8800 slots per annum are available under Junior Research Fellow (JRF). At present nearly, 22,000 scholars are pursuing M Phil/PhD under JRF.

In terms of total enrolment in higher education, 34.6 million students were enrolled with 18.6 million boys and 16 million girls. Girls constitute 46.2% of the total enrolment.

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