More than 28,000 students get PhD degree in 2016-17 in India

By Rudra Narayan Sahoo, New Delhi: Doctoral Degree is one of the highest degrees practices in the higher education system. There are many career options for PhD degree holders.

During 2016-17, a total number 28,779 students were awarded PhD. level degree with 16,274 males and 12,505 females, as per All India Survey on Higher Education (AISHE) 2016-17 report.


At PhD level, maximum numbers of students out-turn is in Science stream followed by Social Science. On the other hand at PG level maximum students out-turn is observed in Social Science and Management stream comes at number two.

A total number of 1,41,037 students are enrolled in PhD that is less than 0.4% of the total student enrolment.

Gross Enrolment Ratio (GER) in Higher education in India is 25.2%, which is calculated for 18-23 years of age group. GER for male population is 26.0% and for females, it is 24.5%. For Scheduled Castes, it is 21.1% and for Scheduled Tribes, it is 15.4% as compared to the national GER of 25.2%.

Total enrolment in higher education has been estimated to be 35.7 million with 19.0 million boys and 16.7 million girls. Girls constitute 46.8% of the total enrolment.

Distance enrolment constitutes about 11.45% of the total enrolment in higher education, of which 46.9% are female students.

The share of PhD student is highest in State Public University (33.6%) followed by Institute of National Importance (21%), Central University (14.3%) and Deemed University-Private (13.4%).

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