Fire Safety Drills at Orchids The International School

Bangalore, 16th May 2018: The increasing number of fire in educational properties has alarmed Orchids The International School to take that extra step towards educating and preparing students for a Fire Emergency both theoretically and practically. This school is one of the renowned schools in Bangalore, which has taken an extra conscious step towards educating not only the students but the entire teaching and non-teaching staff. Prevention begins with education, at Orchids The International School; the Fire Safety Drills are conducted at regular intervals. Unlike any other schools, all the students of K1 and K2 are also involved in the Fire Safety Drills and training them what to do when they see any smoke coming out.

A Fire Drill is a method of practicing how the building would be evacuated in the event of a fire. At Orchids, they carry out 2 drills every year that is followed by regular inspection of Fire Extinguisher and other tools used for Fire Safety. They have their own school fire safety calendar and guidelines, which have to be followed strictly by each and every branch.


To manage a classroom is a difficult task, but can become extremely difficult during chaotic situations like fire and other disaster drills. Although school fire drill can seem like more hassle than they are worth, they are very important to practice sessions. These drills teach students how to react and behave when a fire emergency occurs.

Some of the key factors that the school keeps in mind while conducting fire safety classes:

Conduct expected and unexpected yearly school fire drills in which everyone participates

Campus Incharge inspects the fire equipment weekly once

Regular inspection of stairways, doors, and windows to ensure that is unblocked and working properly

Train students on how to respond to fire alarm during a school fire drill

Aware of the exact locations of the fire protection system, fire alarm pull stations and sprinklers.

Every room has the map showing the Emergency Exits

Pair students with specific needs to adult or classmate for extra assistance

Predetermined location where students know to meet after exit from the building

Have a roster to ensure the students are accounted for

Capt. Ramesh Raju, Disaster Management Training Officer, Bangalore, said, “We have conducted the Fire Safety Drills all across the branches and have got a very positive response from students as well as the administration. This has helped us to upgrade our securities-related management and system regularly to meet maximum satisfaction at every level.”

Kavita Chatterjee, The Principal, Orchids The International School, Mumbai, said, “We are very conscious about the safety of students and staff and dedicated for the same. The Fire Drill conducted at our school includes on-campus and off-campus precaution guideline that is set at par with industry standards to meet accurate efficiency during Emergency of fire.”

Umesh Kumar, student, Bangalore said, “The fire safety drills that are conducted at our premises, I am very fond of that and love the way our instructors teach the different levels such as evacuation, relocation, shelter-in-place, lock-down, lock-out in detailed yet in fun way.”

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