B-School students in India vote for Google, Apple, Facebook, BMW, RBI, as the most attractive employers 2016

Mumbai: In the today’s competitive employment environment, employer branding plays a key role both in attracting talents and managing costs involved recruitment process. The perception of students, the budding talents of the labour market, about the people culture of the business organization matters a lot.  Google has emerged as the top choice of MBA students in India while Apple and Facebook stood at second and third place, respectively, as per the Universum India’s Most Attractive Employers 2016 (Students) report.

While MBA students placed BMW Group at fourth spot in the most attractive employers list (Students), the Reserve Bank of India grabbed fifth place.   The other companies that found the top ten positions are as followed: Hindustan Unilever (6), ITC (7), State Bank of India (8), McKinsey & Company (9), and The Walt Disney Company (10).


Universum has also published top employers list as per other student categories such as: Business and Commerce, Engineering and IT, Natural Sciences.  Universum 2016 Talent Survey in India has a sample size of total 29,448 students representing 120 areas of study.  Out of these sample size, total number of MBA students was 1,961.

For Business and Commerce students in India top employer destinations are Google (1), Apple (2), Reserve Bank of India (3), Facebook (4), State Bank of India (5), and others. For engineering and IT students in India, attractive employer space is dominated by Google (1), Microsoft (2), Apple (3), Facebook (4), and BMW Group (5).

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