Mera Naukri Mahan: More than 8 out of 10 office workers in India love their jobs

Mumbai: Office workers in India are the happiest and most flexible in the world, finds Work in Progress report by Adobe. In India 83% workers love their work while 70% of their counterparts in the USA and 60% in the UK love their jobs.  Surprisingly, 98%of office workers in India would like to work even if they won a lottery whereas 70% of US workforce and 67% in UK would continue to work after winning a lucky lottery.

Work in Progress report by Adobe was conducted through 20-minute online quantitative survey during 17 April 2016 to 24 April 2016. The survey covered more than 2, 000 working professionals from the USA, the UK and India (502 from India).


Indian employees appear to be more workaholic if waking hours on days off and on working days are considered as a factor.  In India 84% of waking hours are spent by employees on working or thinking about work on a typical work day while US 78% and UK 76%. On a typical day off, 63% of waking hours of Indian workers spent on work or thinking about work while US 41% and UK 33%. This reflects Indian workers are the most obsessed about work even on their days off.

Less than one third of the workers in India (30%) think their employers are ahead of the technology curve compared to 26% in the USA and 15% in the UK. Employees are more positive if their company is ahead of the curve with technology.  In India workers give a big thumps up (89%) to state of the art technology as an important factor at workstation beating accessing food & beverages (87%), a beautiful office design (86), and on-site design (73%).  In India 93% of surveyed workers say technology gives a big boost to productivity where as 85% in the USA and 76% in the UK echo the same.

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