SpeakEnglishGym plans to appoint pan-India ‘Start-up Style’ franchisee partners

Pune: SpeakEnglishGym, the inventors of world’s first and only ‘Spoken English Simulator’, and pioneers in ‘Theme-based English learning’ has decided to offer franchisee-partnerships on pan-India basis. This was declared by Dr.Matthew Symmonds, Chairman of Espoir Technologies, at a recent news briefing at Oxfordshire, England. After the proposed implementation in India, SpeakEnglishGym centres will be simultaneously opened in Argentina, Philippines, Brazil, Russia, UAE and Malaysia.

SpeakEnglishGym, the speaking-based English proficiency builder, is so far available only to major corporates and higher educational institutions. Recent product introductions of SpeakEnglishGym include ‘Smart English through Technology & Science’, ‘Smart Communication through Wit & Wisdom’, ‘Smart English through Success Secrets’, ‘Smart Communication through Management Ideas’, etc.


Dr. Matthew Symmonds has said that SpeakEnglishGym will be adopting a StartUp-Franchisee concept, where the knowledge-entrepreneur will have the freedom offered by a ‘start-up’, and the safety of a ‘franchisee’. In this model, the knowledge-entrepreneur will be given all the ideas, technologies and knowledge by SpeakEnglishGym for the starting of the company. Using this as the stepping stone, he/she will be owning and running the company. The franchisee has the freedom to customise the products/processes as per the customer requirements. Most importantly, the franchisee doesn’t need to share revenue to SpeakEnglishGym. That means 100% revenue is for the franchisee.

Dr. Matthew also expressed happiness that hundred-thousands of youngsters are getting benefitted by the company’s eight-year long research and development efforts. For example, ‘Spoken English Simulator’ has proved that spoken english can be learned only by speaking, not by reading about speaking or watching videos about speaking.

“In India, besides a host of call centres, employees of many major companies like Tata Group, Infosys, Reliance, Aditya Birla Group, L&T, etc. got benefitted from SpeakEnglishGym programs. This is besides the global giants like Google, Microsoft, Adobe and Monsanto. Therefore, SpeakEnglishGym clearly understands the methodology to help Indian youth develop contemporary English skills including ‘thinking on one’s feet’ and ‘responding meaningfully on-the-spot’. He said, these two crucial skills can transform the ‘Indian grammar-scholars & Spelling Bees’ into ‘Excellent Oral Communicators’. They can ‘generate ideas on their feet’ and ‘articulately respond on the spot’,” he added.

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