Two out of three Indian employees are confident in their level of skills which are utilised by the company

Mumbai: A significant number of Indian employees are confident about their skills and productivity, as per  City & Guilds Group Skills Confidence 2016 research report. Nearly 69% of respondents from India say they are confident in their level of skills –and how their skills are put to us compared to 73/5 in South Africa, 79% in the USA, 70% in the UK.  Further, almost half of the responded employees from India think they are overqualified for the job that currently they do, the Skills Confidence 2016 research report finds. While 55% in the UK share the same view, 51% in South Africa and 48% in the USA say they are over qualified for the current job.

Surprisingly, senior business leaders are the most confident about their skill levels, the Skills Confidence  2016 report finds. In India 89% of senior leaders say their skills are utilised by their company compared to overall 79%, middle managers 83%, 76% general employees in India. The report reveals that 93% of Indian employees believe (very confident or confident) their skills will be relevant for the next five years while 88% are confident about their skills which will be relevant in the next 10 years.


The research was carried out between 9 May 2016 –17 May 2016. The research gathered the views of 8,157 respondents from the United Kingdom, United States, India and South Africa. The individuals surveyed include: 1028 CEOs/Senior leaders; 2079 middle managers; 5050 general employees. Censuswide conducted the research on behalf of the City & Guilds Group.

General employees aren’t worried about their skills becoming obsolete as in India only 41% general employee respondents as yes to their skills will be obsolete in the next five years compared to 44% among middle managers and 56% senior managers.  The top five threats to their jobs and skills in India are as followed as per the research report: changing technical requirements (42%); technological advancements (36%); others willing to do my job for less money (31%); Outsourcing to other countries (20%); Changes to consumer/customer needs (18%); there are no threats that could stop my skills from being relevant (9%).


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