Vacations vs Work: India maintains 4th spot as one of the most Vacation Deprived nation globally

Mumbai:  Vacations play as a catalyst in creating a work-life balance as it reenergizes and motivates people to be more focused at work. Lack of vacations and holiday planning has detrimental impact on employee’s work performance. Expedia’s 2015 Vacation Deprivation study finds that India is the fourth most vacation deprived nation globally, with 65% of Indians saying they feel very or somewhat vacation deprived, and 20% saying they are very vacation deprived. Hectic work schedule and work commitments are taking a toll on vacations in India.

Indians (65%) are ranked as the 4th most Vacation Deprived country in 2015 preceded by the UAE (76%), Malaysia (73%) and Singapore (71%). Vacation Deprivation study 2015 by Expedia is an annual study of vacation habits across multiple countries and continents. The report also mentioned that vacation is more important than pay hike for Indians; surprisingly, 54% of Indians would prefer more vacation days over a pay raise (the highest globally), followed by Sweden (42%) and Japan (37%).


Indians believe vacations bring healthy work-life and overall happiness with 61% Indians reported vacations are correlated to their overall happiness. In fact, 94% are ready to make sacrifices for just an extra day of vacation. Workaholic attitude of Indians is the primary reason for vacation deprivation.

Biggest Barriers for planning:

Work demands of the employee, with this highest among those from Hong Kong and South Korea (46%), Thailand (45%) and India (41%).

Work demands of a spouse or partner, with mentions highest among those in Malaysia (42%), South Korea (39%) and India (32%).

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