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Gurgaon: Xebia being an Agile Software Development Company with specialization in Digital Transformation, persistently explores and delves into new frontiers of technology; technologies that are responsible for changing the world. It is constantly expanding its understanding of frameworks and approaches that could shape an organizational culture for better, enhance the productivity, foster collaboration in the teams and mitigate business challenges. As a result of the innate desire to impart and spread knowledge, the Xebia Academy came into being, which serves as the quintessential model of its core values.

Initially, Xebia Academy offered professional training courses to the corporate. Today, the program has been extended to professionals who want to advance their career. One such program is DASA – cofounded by Xebia wherein they have developed the framework and curriculum to advance and promote Agile & DevOps competencies worldwide.


It offers training and certification courses in Agile frameworks, Web Apps, Mobile Apps, Big Data, Cloud, Microsoft, Full Stack Development and Program Testing. Xebia Academy engages in courses developed and curated by industry experts and practitioners. It works with top-notch certified instructors, coaches, and programmers to provide a comprehensive understanding of the concepts to the learners. While the program encompasses in-depth learning and hands-on exercises, it also offers a flexible schedule, allowing the balance between work and personal lives.

IT skills that are going to stay relevant in the coming years

In the coming years, automation will revolutionize the entire world. Disruptive technologies in the field of Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Quantum Computing, Blockchain, and the Internet of Things are going to be a game changer and they are going to transform lives significantly. Consequently, the need for innovation has pushed programmers to consistently upgrade and upskill themselves with the right knowledge. Understanding the importance of developing skills that are going to stay relevant in the coming years, Xebia Academy has meticulously defined skill sets in its curriculum.

Through the existing partnerships with Cloudera, Scaled Agile and DASA, Xebia offers comprehensive training in Apache Hadoop, Spark, Leading SAFe, and DevOps Fundamentals. Xebia has recently entered into partnerships with Lightbend, ServiceNow, GitHub, Atlassian, and MongoDB, to offer enhanced training.

The Xebia Academy has also introduced a new program called Digital Ninja. The program will educate the engineering, non-engineering students, and professionals with in-demand IT skills. The courses are in Big Data, Full Stack Development, Continuous Integration, DevOps, Continuous Deployment, Testing, Cloud Computing and IT Automation.

Some of the other focus areas of Xebia Academy are:

Developer Skills

Scrum and Advanced Scrum

Agile Frameworks, SAFe & Kanban

Continuous Delivery Concepts/DevOps Training

Microsoft Azure


Mobile and HTML5 development

Scala Development

Swift Training and App testing

Testing and Test-Driven Development

Xebia has state-of-the-art training facilities across the globe, enabling on-site training as well as offering public classes by its experts. Till this date, more than 45,000 students and professionals have benefitted from the courses. To avail the course, register through at one of these Xebia training institutes in Amsterdam, Paris, Gurgaon, Bangalore, and Pune. Also, it delivers training courses in cities like Boston, Chicago, London, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Jakarta, Singapore, Manila, etc.

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