GUIDIC introduces Psychometric Test based career program for Class 10 and 12 students

Bangalore: As the board exams near their end, most students are definitely looking for a well-deserved break and may be a little anxious in terms of what to take up next; while the parents are an anxious lot in finding the right stream for their children after their 10th, which will shape the rest of their careers. Engineering or Management or Commerce or Medicine – what should be the next step?

On this context,  GUIDIC (GUIDance In Confusion) Solutions with the sole aim of helping professional take the right career choice, has introduced an online Psychometric Test which will identify one’s interests, personality, career motivators and aptitude. This is a scientifically-approved test prepared by a team of psychologists and fine-tuned for the Indian diaspora. Once the test is completed, students will receive a 12-page detailed report highlighting the top three careers they can choose from followed by an intensive, personalized career counselling session by a certified career coach. Students can also personally connect with senior working professionals from various industries to discuss about the career in those industries, understand first-hand about the workings of various domains and receive guidance from them on what to study, how to prepare.


For example, if Computer Science Engineering is the top choice for a student, then GUIDIC Solutions will connect the student with an expert, who is an alumnus of IIT or BITS and who will guide the student on how to plan his/her career, how to crack important exams and the technologies to focus on.

Srividya Ivaturi, a Senior Career Counsellor and a certified Career Coach with GUIDIC Solutions, has counselled a number of working professionals (some with even 15 years of work experience) who say they are stuck in their careers and are not sure what to do next. Job satisfaction, career growth and value addition being the top concerns for these employees, the alarming observation here is that they want to shift tracks or start something new but do not have the required skills or experience and hence continue working in the same roles wasting their time and potential.

One of the first customers, Mrs. Deepali Boradi, who consulted GUIDIC Solutions for her son, says, “My son wanted to get into design while we wanted him to get into an engineering course as is the norm these days, but we approached GUIDIC and spoke to their experts who clarified all our doubts. We identified that design has a lot more opportunities than we knew about before and it was an easier decision to make after that, which thankfully worked out for us considering it is a highly competitive world out there.”

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