TalentSprint launches an artificial intelligence bot to analyse skill gaps and performance at job seekers level

Hyderabad: New technology is bring sweeping changes in the skill measurement and performance analysis at the job seekers levels. Now, TalentSprint has launched Tia, a software bot to provide online personalized learning to one million Indian youth seeking careers in IT, Banking and Government. Tia (short for Test Improvement Advisor), an artificial intelligence bot, to analyse skill gaps and performance challenges at an individual job seeker level, and recommend personalized learning paths to maximize outcomes and minimize time.

Tia will continually monitor the performance of each job seeker and benchmark them against competition. She will provide directed learning by guiding each job seeker to specific learning material that can help them improve their own performance. Given the large datasets available to Tia, she will generate actionable insights for use by human experts, to upgrade their content and delivery.


TalentSprint has also launched its new SmartCampus in Hyderabad. The new SmartCampus is a digital, state-of-the-art, 500-seater facility which provides onsite industry-oriented learning for young job seekers. It also houses the digital studios and cloud platform to webcast the company’s popular learning programs to job seekers in smaller towns across the country, as they migrate steadily online, by virtue of broadband and mobile access, to pursue skills and opportunities.

SmartCampus was inaugurated recently by Mr ESL Narasimhan, Governor of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, in the presence of other eminent leaders.

Dr Santanu Paul, Co-Founder and CEO at TalentSprint, said, “Our move into a larger and smarter campus with digital, mobile and cloud integration is part of our ongoing journey to help one million youth pursue their career dreams. The hi-touch dimension involves an unprecedented personalization of the learning experience, thanks to Tia, and a state-of-art experiential environment where college graduates can acquire skills via hands-on, work-driven learning at par with industry. In turn, this will lead them to exciting careers in both startups and established companies.”

Manish Kumar, CEO and MD, NSDC, “Skill India and Digital India are on a path of convergence, and TalentSprint is setting the pace on that. By deploying the latest technology and digital practices in skill development, we can bring about greater change across the country. The challenge in skilling is the tradeoff between quality, reach and affordability. TalentSprint’s youth career platform achieves quality, reach and affordability in one solution. The introduction of AI bots to create a highly personalized learning experience for each skill seeker is also very differentiated and promising.”

Balachandran, Chairman, National Payments Corporation of India, and former Director, Institute for Banking Personnel Selection (IBPS) said, “There is a great demand for skilled talent in banking, financial, and government sectors. Young graduates from all corners of the country can apply for these highly aspirational, well-paid jobs. However, most of our youth do not even get access to high quality training and preparation. This is where TalentSprint’s digital platform, powered by artificial intelligence, can bring the best learning experience to each and every young job seeker, wherever they may be located in the country. “

The event also included the signing of a LOI between TASK (Telangana Academy of Skills and Knowledge) and TalentSprint to bring career seminars in Telangana, and offer full scholarships to promising rural youth who can enroll in TalentSprint’s programs.


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