Orchids The International School Innovates to Teach Science Differently

Bangalore, May 14th 2018: Science is a challenge for most students and so is teaching Science a challenge for most schools. The knowledge gathered through classroom lessons and books is ineffectual and often limited without practical demonstration. Orchids The International School has come up with an innovative teaching method to effectively address this challenge by using Science Kits.

The school has custom-made Science Kits for each grade which are distributed to the students. These kits contain the material required for the experiments that the students learn in their class. The students can assemble the set up as per the instruction manual and conduct the experiments on their own.


The central academic team at Orchids plans designs the curriculum and includes relevant experiments to help students understand the topics better. An in-house team of engineers then design the experiment kits. These kits are then printed, die-cut on foam, packed and distributed to students.

Research has proven that teaching science concepts through hands-on practical approach ensures better learning experiences and outcomes. The Science Kits, designed by Orchids The International School, aims to help students understand the finer aspects of the science concepts and scientific principles through practical experience. Moreover, assembling the kits and conducting the experiments themselves, also ensure better memory and recall.

“Our Science experiment kits help in developing scientific learning amongst students and cultivate a deeper and profound interest in the subject,” says Benita, The Principal, Orchids The International School, Nagarbhavi, and Bangalore.

Swathi, Science Teacher at Orchids The International School says, “These Science Kits have changed the way children learn the subject. I can see that they are more excited to do the experiment themselves. It has also generated a lot more interest in the subject and has helped with the better understanding of the concepts taught in the class.”

Besides offering hands-on experience, Science Kits also teach students the principles behind the experiments and to make an effective scientific argument. Students pick up valuable skills like observation, drawing inferences and developing logical reasoning, among others, which lay a strong foundation for them to become future professionals in the field of Science.

“Today, we were able to assemble a fully functional vacuum cleaner using the kit. We could understand clearly how the vacuum cleaner functions. It was so much fun,” exclaims an excited Sanghvi, a Grade 4 student at Orchids The International School, Nigdi, Pune.

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