Mauritius- the haven of the Luxury tourist

Honeymoon in Mauritius is a dream destination for most of the newly weds, owing to its great location in the Indian Ocean which is easy to reach, various glorious diverse cultures and some of the best beach destinations in the world. Although most Mauritius holiday packages show you only one part of this diverse island nation, here are a few pointers on what makes Mauritius a  haven for luxury tourists.



For a country with 330 km coast line, surrounded by some of the most colorful and vibrant coral reefs you could ever imagine, Mauritius is a beach lover’s paradise. Whether you are on a family vacation or on a guided luxury holiday, you would never find yourself away from one of the stunning beaches of Mauritius. Although most of the famous beaches are on the North Coast of Mauritius, the ones on the western and eastern coasts are the calmer ones. In the south of the island, some of the most beautiful rocky coves are abundant which is perfect for water sports such as windsurfing. The beaches in Mauritius are public and tourists can hop from one beach to another.

2.Beautiful Climate

Whereas there is a multitude of beach destinations across the world, not many have an all round moderate climate, the way Mauritius has. Situated just above the Tropic of Capricorn, Mauritius receives glorious sunshine the year round.The mild tropical climate makes Mauritius an exciting tourist destination for all. Even so, the country does have two seasons, a warm summer from November to April and a relatively cooler climate from June to September.

3.Dive to Pleasure

For the luxury tourist that wants to indulge in some activity and not just laze around on one of the white sand beaches of this paradise nation, although that sounds just as wonderful, there are a plethora of water sports activities available. Mauritius is widely recognized as a diver’s paradise. The island of Mauritius is surrounded by incredible coral reefs and great marine life that are a diver’s delight. There are more than 50 beautiful diving sites across the shores of Mauritius that vary in difficulty and depth and can be enjoyed by divers of all expertise levels.

4.Nature at its best

Apart from being a glorious beach destination, Mauritius is also known for its breathtaking natural beauty. From meandering waterfalls, lush green protected forests to beautiful mountain ranges, Mauritius has it all. The rainbow like dunes called the seven colored earth in chamarel is a great natural wonder, so are rare species of pigeons, Nile crocodiles and giant tortoises that roam freely in Mauritius’s nature reserves.

5.Cultural Kaleidoscope :

The unique and extremely homogeneous cultural diversity of Mauritius is a joy in itself. A great example of harmony and pluralism, the multicultural lifestyle of the Mauritian will take your breath away. Although the majority of the population is Hindu, who speak Creole and French and celebrate all the Hindu festivals with fervour, the island country is an epitome of cultural inclusion. The food is also an amalgamation of the various cultural influences of the African, the Indian, the French and the Asian cultures. For the tourist that is on a culinary trail, there are few destinations worldwide that have such a rich culinary offering such as Mauritius. From the famous Indian snack of Samosa to fiery vindaloos and top of the line French culinary delicacies, you will find it all in Mauritius.

6.Vibrant Festivals:

Being the wonderful cultural hub Mauritius is, there are various colorful festivals that are a part and parcel of the Mauritian. It is said that the citizen of Mauritius celebrates the largest Hindu festival outside India, that of MahaShivratri, dedicated to Lord Shiva. This festival held in February sees hundreds of thousands of people congregate at the Grand Bassin. There is also the festival of lights, Diwali, that is celebrated on a grand scale, apart from the Chinese New Year, the Cavadee festival celebrated mostly by the Tamilians of Mauritius, the All Saint’s Day, Christmas and Eid ul Fitr, all festivals are observed with great enthusiasm in this small nation. The festival of the Jacques Desiree Laval, observed on the 9th September each year is also celebrated with great fervour in honor of the French Missionary Dr Jacques Desiree who is said to have miraculous healing powers.

7.Bang for the Buck:

Mauritius has all the modern day facilities and has a fairly developed market economy; still, the cost of living is quite low as compared to some of the developed European nations. Whether you are a backpacker on a budget or a young honeymooner wanting to get the best value for money, Mauritius is a place where you will see your money go a long way. Stay, food, transport and shopping, all are within reasonable pricings and there is a lot of duty-free shopping available to the tourists as well. There is also a great variety of unique local products available at a low cost such as handmade textiles, locally grown tea as well as exotic African and Asian spices.

8.Stability factor

Politically, Mauritius is among the most stable and peaceful countries in the whole world with peace loving people enjoying the vibrant democratic life. Tourism, being the main source of income is promoted as well as accepted as part of the lifestyle. The government through its many agencies tries and acts in a way to make the tourists feel more at home and enjoy the beautiful country in all its manifestations.

As is evident, without doubt, Mauritius is among the most beautiful, diverse and luxurious vacation destinations for the young and the old alike. The glorious white sand beaches, colorful festivals, lip smacking cuisine, the vibrant markets and the friendly people, all make Mauritius among the most recommended tourist destinations in Afro Asia and indeed the world. So what are you waiting for? Book your beach holidays in Mauritius package now!

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