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5 Most Common Resume Mistakes You Should Avoid

By   /  June 13, 2020  /  Comments Off on 5 Most Common Resume Mistakes You Should Avoid

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Resume plays a vital role in getting hired. Want to maximize your chances to be invited to an interview? Then, do your best to win the fierce competition. For this, you need to avoid the most common mistakes listed in this article.

Today, more and more job applicants seek custom resume writing help as nobody wants to take risks when submitting a resume. If you ask a professional CV writing service to help you with your resume, you can be sure that it’s free from any errors.

Check what mistakes professionals avoid in their resumes. Many applicants can actually make them. So be aware of them!

No Specific Information on Accomplishments

The hiring manager should have a clear understanding of what you’ve accomplished. Be specific and mention all of the achievements. It’s better to list all of them using verbs of actions. Tell me what your responsibilities for the previous job were.

Your task is to hook the attention of the target audience. The most common mistake inexperienced CV writers make is the lack of specifics.

They include general phrases that don’t give a clear picture of the accomplishments of the person.

Too Vague or Too Detailed Resume

Some applicants write a too detailed resume that takes more than two pages. Keep in mind that your CV shouldn’t be longer than two pages until you’ve got the large working experience and have much information that is related to the job position you apply for.

Avoid writing vague resumes that contain only general information and don’t have a focus on your personal qualities and skills. Don’t cut the long story short if you have much to say and vice versa. If you don’t have anything valuable to include in the resume, don’t write additional lines just to meet the size standard.

Absence of Objective Statement

Few resumes contain a well-structured objective statement. Avoid these mistakes as it’s essential to tell about your goal. You should explain why you’ve chosen the job position and how exactly you can contribute to the company’s success.

You’ll succeed if you manage to persuade the potential employer that you are a goal-oriented person who has all the necessary skills for the advertised position. The objective should contain information on how you plan to develop your knowledge and skills.

Tell how the job position you’d like to get will help you to achieve your personal career goals.

The Wrong Structure

There are several ways on how to write a good resume. The chronological order can differ. You can start with your first job and finish with the last one.

It’s also possible to start telling about the latest job position and tell about the first one in the end. You should remember that it’s essential to make subheadings like “Education”, “Work Experience”, etc. Many resumes contain mixed information that isn’t clear and concise.

Your resume should contain only valuable information that is related to the position you apply for.  Most resume writers send resumes that aren’t structured in the right way because they don’t have an idea of how a CV should look like.

Choose a good template and you won’t find it challenging to structure your CV correctly.

Poor Grammar

Grammar mistakes will definitely spoil the impression made by a great CV. So, the latest stage of resume writing is editing and proofreading. Most job applicants create CVs in a hurry following the template and that’s it.

Never submit your resume until you make sure that it’s perfect. Don’t think that the use of grammar checkers is a waste of time. High-quality grammar checker tools will make it easier to polish any piece of writing. Submit the resume only after you check it with the help of some advanced grammar checker like Grammarly.

Avoid the mistakes listed above and send a great CV!

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