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6 Reasons Speaking Indonesian Makes A Valuable Skill

By   /  May 26, 2021  /  Comments Off on 6 Reasons Speaking Indonesian Makes A Valuable Skill

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Nowadays, one of the most practical and efficient ways to spend your free time is to begin learning new skills. One such expertise that you can try to master is learning a second language. 

Learning to speak a whole new dialect comes with plenty of perks for your personal and career growth. This article will mainly discuss a few reasons why learning Bahasa Indonesia is a valuable skill to have.

  • It’s The Official Language Of Indonesia

Indonesia is one of the most enormous archipelagos in the world. It’s consisted of approximately 17,000 islands. Because of this unique terrestrial setup, Indonesia became a home of a uniquely diverse group of people, each with its own distinctive culture and language. You’ll notice these differences when you travel from one island to the next.

However, as diverse their culture and language may be, they have a single unifying language—Bahasa Indonesia. Wherever you go in the country, it’s common to encounter people who speak the language regardless of their ethnic group. So, you can worry less about being stuck in a place if you know how to communicate with them in Bahasa verbally.

  • Learning It Is Relatively Easy

There are myriads of ways of learning Bahasa Indonesia. One of the most convenient ways is to take an Indonesian language course online. Plus, compared to other existing languages, the course itself takes less effort to complete. Here are some of the reasons why:

  • It doesn’t require the use of tone to pronounce words.
  • It doesn’t possess any particular character.
  • It contains no tenses; adding time indicators and aspect markets will suffice.
  • It doesn’t require gender-related salutations.

If you analyze the reasons above, you can safely infer that the Indonesian language implements a straightforward system. And, to some degree, it does. They use fewer words to form prefixes, suffixes, and infixes. Bahasa Indonesia is relatively simple, and that’s why it’s easy to learn, even at the convenience of your home.

  • It Makes Traveling To Indonesia Effortless

Indonesia has plenty of popular tourist destinations. If you’re planning to visit Indonesia to work or travel anytime soon, effectively communicating with the locals is an excellent ability to have. It’s highly recommended that tourists know some words in Bahasa Indonesia. It’ll boost your self-confidence in interacting with the locals and might even make friends with them.

Not only that, but using body language and hand gestures might sometimes lead to an awkward scenario. To avoid it altogether, spend time learning a bit of their local dialect. Who knows, speaking fluently in their native language might help you earn a pass to a wild motorbike adventure.

  • You Can Get Better Prices On Purchases

Learning Bahasa Indonesia is a valuable skill, especially when you’re off to buy souvenirs and stuff in the local market. It’s a widely known concept that many merchants tend to increase the selling price of their products and services for visiting tourists. Speaking their native tongue will give you the confidence and tenacity to negotiate for a lower price from friendly vendors across the street.

  • Opportunity To Expand Social Connections

Getting yourself educated with the Indonesian language equips you to become an effective communicator to more than 250 million Indonesians, as per the country’s population. Having that essential soft skill will boost your confidence when you talk to someone remotely for work or socialize in person. You’ll also have the chance to expand your social network to its local communities.

Indonesians are friendly and hospitable by nature, so it’s fun and rewarding to have them amongst your diverse sets of friend lists. You get to learn from them and their experiences. The self-fulfilling part is that you can enrich yourself about their culture and local traditions, thereby expanding your knowledge and understanding.

  • Indonesia’s Economy Is Growing

ASEAN countries, like Indonesia, experience a rapid rise in their economy. With this in mind, plenty of local and foreign companies and affluent investors are beginning to work hand-in-hand to create growth opportunities beneficial for the local community and the entire country. The resulting cooperation has resulted in many job opportunities for both the local community and foreigners alike. 

Foreign arrivals comprised of tourists and professionals steadily grow due to broader job opportunities and the opening of popular tourist spots. If you’re someone who decides to work in this country, then consider learning their official language. After all, learning a second language comes with business benefits you may not know about.

Final Thoughts

In closing, it’s never a waste of time trying to learn a second language, especially Bahasa Indonesia. Adding it to your set of skills will help prepare you for opportunities that might only be available to those who can speak the dialect. Plus, you’ll be able to unlock cool perks when you visit their local community market or socialize with their locals.

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