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Admission Open for 2024: Revolutionising the Future with AI and Robotics Engineering at Sandip University

By   /  April 12, 2024  /  Comments Off on Admission Open for 2024: Revolutionising the Future with AI and Robotics Engineering at Sandip University

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Admission Open for 2024: Revolutionising the Future with AI and Robotics Engineering at Sandip University

Sandip University has recognised the demand for cutting-edge programs in artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics engineering. The University is keenly committed towards providing quality education in the field of AI and robotics engineering through diverse methodologies. There is a need for the global education sector to join hands and create dynamic systems that can revolutionise the future of humankind through these technologies.

The goal is to create well-trained, skilled, knowledgeable, and dynamic professionals who can help take the research and development in AI and robotics to the next level. Diverse industries are keenly adopting these technologies to conduct operational tasks today. The goal is to help businesses in these industries adopt AI and robotics into complex tasks and completely revolutionise the workforce.

Sandip University offers undergraduate programs in artificial intelligence, machine learning, robotics, virtual reality, cybersecurity, cloud technology, and information security to interested candidates. The goal is to train coming generations of computer scientists and engineers to understand these technologies in detail and bring about dynamic innovations in the same.

Students are taught through a well-designed curriculum, projects, assignments, consistent lab work, compulsory internships, and many co-curricular activities to develop their overall understanding of these technologies. They are made familiar with the latest equipment like drones, high-tech cameras, AI sensors, and robotics applications to help them leverage these technologies to achieve their goal.

Furthermore, students gain relevant insights and understanding about the role of robotics in efficiency, enhanced data collection through AI, data analysis and data management, and cutting-edge inspection tools to streamline processes in manufacturing, logistics, and operations. Students are made familiar with the practical implementations of AI and robotics in the real-world.

The curriculum is a unique blend of theoretical textbook knowledge and practical hands-on applications. This blend helps students evaluate and adopt existing technologies to assess management strategies and combat real-world challenges. Today, AI and robotics are used in creating a safer and far more advanced energy infrastructure setup. The world of technological advancement is highly volatile in nature with constant upgrades and innovations. Sandip University is careful to train students in a manner where their knowledge and skills do not become obsolete upon graduation.

Sandip University has a well-versed pedagogy in place which enables students to seamlessly transition from a campus to corporate setting. This is done through industry visits, guest lectures, workshops, expert talks, and compulsory internships. Through these activities students are constantly in touch with industry leaders and gain a unique understanding of their role as future employees.

Besides this, 100% job opportunities are available to students looking for placements upon graduation. Leading tech companies have partnered with Sandip University to recruit talented professionals into their workforce. Students are directly trained by industry experts at Sandip University, making them uniquely capable of working with multinational companies from the get-go.

Students who want to build a thriving career in AI and robotics can visit www.sandipuniversity.edu.in or call 1800-212-2714 (toll-free) to connect with a career guidance counsellor.

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