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Four Skills to Recruit For in Your Company

By   /  January 28, 2024  /  Comments Off on Four Skills to Recruit For in Your Company

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The skills that you have an eye on when you go about hiring employees are likely going to align with what industry your business finds itself in, but there will also be more general skills that cross these boundaries and prove themselves useful regardless of the field that you find yourself in.

Looking for these skills can give you a better idea of what purpose they might serve and how you can get the most out of them in your industry. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you hire for whole positions you didn’t previously, but adding these to the desirable list of skills you’re looking for in prospective employees might help to increase interest from relevant applicants.

1.    Software Development

In the modern world, it’s not difficult to see why this might be valuable or popular. If your business is one that specifically finds itself within this line of work, you might be regularly on the lookout for software developers, but even if you aren’t, you’ll still want pages on your website to be as robust and impressive as possible. The right talent can ensure that you make use of APIs on your website, offered by companies like Kong, and this will give customers the impression that you’re capable and confident with a wide array of modern tools.

2.    Social Skills

Social skills are going to be important in various areas of business. If an employee needs to be able to work well with other members of staff, this skill can help collaboration to be as smooth and efficient as possible. If customer service is required as a part of the job description, social skills might help interactions to be as friendly and positive as they can, ensuring that the customer walks away with a good impression of your brand. There might also be situations where professional relationships need to be formed through networking, which might offer another opportunity for these skills to shine through.

3.    Social Media Skills

An understanding of how to interact with people online is going to be just as important, though, with social media being an incredibly versatile and useful marketing tool. As most businesses and brands will want some form of social media presence, having people who know how to operate these pages and produce content that’s effective can potentially prevent you from needing to hire specifically for it. However, bundling this in with a more irrelevant role might add to the work stress of the individual.

4.    Video and Editing

When it comes to marketing, though, you might find that video content is more important now than it has ever been before. While some forms of video content might be easy enough to produce with a more casual skillset, you might find that you also want the ability to develop videos that take on a more polished edge. These might be the kind that you use for more dedicated adverts on video platforms or on TV, and the right editing software and skills can help these to be as effective a representation of you as possible.

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