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How artificial intelligence in Digital Marketing help the working professional for industrial growth?

By   /  May 7, 2018  /  Comments Off on How artificial intelligence in Digital Marketing help the working professional for industrial growth?

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By Deepak Sachdeva: It’s year 2018 and the human kind is making major breakthroughs in the field of technology. Things which seemed to be unreal and imaginary few years back are now available to us in their real forms such as self-driving cars, hover cars, remote controlled pillow, etc.

Artificial intelligence is also one of the most important technological breakthroughs that have been made by us and gradually it is gaining prominence in our lives, whether it is through Apple’s virtual assistant Siri, chatbots or virtual reality.

The artificial intelligence is going to play important role in the corporate world as well because it can simplify and manage many processes on its own which will result in automation of some processes. With this automation of processes, the business officials will have more time at their disposal to focus on the other processes such as financial, creative and marketing.

Many businesses have understood the importance of artificial intelligence and now they have incorporated it in their operations.

However, before we try to understand the importance of artificial intelligence, let us find out what artificial intelligence is. AI can easily be termed as machines especially computers behaving and acting like humans with the help of ample data and knowledge available to them and this year we will definitely see AI revolutionizing industries and increasing their growth and digital marketing is also one of them.

Usually, everyone surfs internet nowadays and huge amount of data is present on the social media networks so if this data can be used in a proper manner using AI then it can result in customer satisfaction, correct forecasts for sales and business purposes and more return on investments.

Here are few points to describe how artificial intelligence can be used in digital marketing by the working professionals for industrial growth:

Decision making will be simpler and easier – The inclusion of artificial intelligence in the business processes will make decision-making process simpler and easier as all the correct and up-to-date information needed for making a decision will be made available to the management in an easy to understand form with the suggestions. This will also help the management in reducing the time taken in decision making and implementation will also be smooth as it will take place as per the manner prescribed by the artificial intelligence.

Improved efficiency – With the use of artificial intelligence, the efficiency will improve considerably as mistakes will reduce to a great extent and work will be done in less time and in a proper manner. The artificial intelligence will study all the patterns and analyze it and on the basis of the findings it will create a work process which will be free from error.

Targeting the right audience for your product – Not everyone is going to be interested in your brand so you need to figure out the target segment which will be interested in your product and services. The use of AI in digital marketing will be of great help in finding the right target segment based on the demography, interests, purchasing power and other factors. Finding the right target segment is almost like half battle won as it will result in effective and proper use of money spent in marketing and promotional purposes.

Sales forecasting –New trends keep emerging in the market, sometimes they take place due to change in customer’s choices while sometimes the reasons are political or economic. However, if AI is used with digital marketing, it results in very accurate forecast of the future trends. With accurate forecast of sales, the businesses can make sure that their resources are not wasted and they can act accordingly, if the trend shows reduction in sales.

Advertising and Promotions will be more effective – As artificial intelligence will help the businesses in finding out their target segment, it will be easier for them to create marketing campaigns which will be focused on their target segment only, hence the purpose of advertisement will also be fulfilled and wastage of funds can also be controlled too.

Customer satisfaction will increase: As the businesses will be more focused and better informed about their customer and will design their products and services as per the choices and requirements of the customers, it is tend to happen that there will be increase in the level of customer satisfaction.

The return on investment (ROI) will increase – As with the use of artificial intelligence in digital marketing, the businesses will become more focused and will be able to reduce their marketing and advertisement costs, operational costs and production costs, it will ultimately result in increasing the return on investment.

Considering the fact that artificial intelligence is the future of this world, the digital marketing professionals should also work on learning how to implement artificial intelligence into digital marketing in order to boost the revenue as well increase the industrial growth. The digital marketer may not need to learn artificial intelligence in detail but he/she should know how to implement it in the marketing processes and what effect it will have on the business in the local as well as global context. There is no denying the fact that in order to survive in the market place, every business will need to implement AI in its digital marketing and other processes as it will lead to accurate decisions, less expenditure, more profit and increase in ROI.

Summary – The article talks about the use of artificial intelligence in digital marketing by the working professionals for the purpose of industrial growth. The article talks in detail about what is artificial intelligence and what benefits will the businesses get if artificial intelligence is integrated with the digital marketing. It talks in length about how artificial intelligence together with digital marketing will result in increased customer satisfaction, more return on investment, accurate campaigns of marketing and promotion, how to target the right segment for the products and services offered by the businesses and proper sales forecast for increasing the profits and helping the industrial growth. The article also talks about the necessity for digital marketer to understand the concepts of artificial intelligence as it is the future of the industry and every decision in the future will be based on the findings provided by artificial intelligence and it will used by every business to surpass their counterparts.

Author Bio: Deepak Sachdeva is an Internet Marketer and digital consultant. Loves exploring new online marketing techniques and helping businesses build online brands. He likes writing on topics like Digital Marketing and Education. In education, his favourite space is Big Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence and Cloud Computing.

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