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Learning A Foreign Language: 5 Career Advantages You’ll Get

By   /  August 30, 2021  /  Comments Off on Learning A Foreign Language: 5 Career Advantages You’ll Get

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There are several reasons why some people learn a foreign language. Some might have courses that required them to learn one. Others may have learned one or two more languages because they want to have a better and easier time when traveling. 

Meanwhile, others also learn a foreign language because they’re passionate about another country’s culture or they want to consume their media. For instance, some students try to learn Korean online hoping that they can have a better understanding of Korean culture or they want to watch their favorite Korean songs, television series, and movies without relying on subtitles or translations. 

Regardless of your reason, learning a foreign language can instill a sense of fulfillment. Aside from that, it can also bring advantages and benefits for your career. After all, many industries and big companies continuously search for bilingual or multilingual people who can help them create strong connections with other countries.

For a deeper understanding, here are six career advantages you’ll enjoy if you learn a foreign language.

  1. Gives You An Edge During Job Interviews 

Some companies, especially ones that want to expand their operations overseas, would love to have people who’re capable of speaking two to three languages. If you know at least one to two foreign languages, make sure you target these companies, and don’t forget to highlight your language proficiency skills in your resume. 

When they know that you’re bilingual or multilingual, they may highly consider you for a position where they can utilize your language skills to use. This basically gives you an edge over monolingual applicants.

  1. Opens New Job Opportunities 

Over the years, more companies and large brands are becoming global, leading to the increased demand for people who can speak and write in different languages. Learning a new language can give you additional job opportunities.

Some of the industries that constantly need multilingual employees to include the following: 

  • Tourism
  • Transportation
  • Sales
  • Law
  • Education
  • Banking
  • International communication

Corporations under those industries may require employees who can work without translators or interpreters. And in case you have high proficiency in the foreign languages you’ve learned, they may even consider hiring you as a translator.

  1. Allows You To Negotiate Higher Wages 

Professionals who learn one or more foreign languages can expect higher income than monolingual employees. This is because people like them are highly in demand, yet they’re very few. 

If you wish to widen your job opportunities and have a much more competitive salary, learning a foreign language is one way to achieve those. You can start by reading academic books written in foreign languages, watching online video tutorials, or joining foreign language classes. 

  1. Provides More Career Growth Opportunities 

Because of your fluency and proficiency in foreign languages, it’ll be easier for you to handle foreign communications and help companies operate overseas. If a position opens with those responsibilities, your company may consider you to fill up that position. And if you do a great job, you may even become the company’s face in the foreign marketplace where they assigned you.

Aside from having more job opportunities or the ability to negotiate a higher salary, learning foreign languages can also be your gateway towards expanding your very own business abroad. After all, being an employee might not be your cup of tea, and you would want to be your own boss instead.

  1. Builds Better Business Relationships 

As mentioned, one of the reasons that drive people to learn a foreign language is because they want to understand a particular culture better. When you can speak and understand another country’s language, it’ll be easier for you to understand and relate to its people and culture. It’ll be easier for you to speak to anyone using their native language, which ultimately makes them feel more comfortable communicating with you.

This aspect is necessary for most global businesses. When a company knows their client’s native language too well, it can quickly elevate their business relationship, leading to better and more consistent business results. After all, learning a new language is often viewed as impressive and admirable across the globe.

The Bottom Line 

Overall, you can see how learning a foreign language can bring you numerous career advantages that monolingual professionals may never have. With your knowledge of speaking and understanding foreign languages, you can have the greatest job security with higher wages compared to other job positions. After all, the demand for multilingual workers is continually rising.

So, to enjoy the advantages mentioned here, you may want to start using your free time to acquire a new language.

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