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Proctoring Services- An Efficient Way to Conduct Modern Examinations

By   /  June 3, 2020  /  Comments Off on Proctoring Services- An Efficient Way to Conduct Modern Examinations

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Cheating is the most common way adopted by students to score well in a particular exam. All the students who are caught doing cheating have to face various kinds of consequences. But with the introduction of the concept of proctoring services the whole concept of organizing the exams has been revolutionized. All the external factors have been eliminated which could cause cheating and the process has become highly reliable. Keeping a check on the students at the time of exam is not a difficult process now and the credibility of assessments has been significantly increased.

 The proctor will be the person who will be conducting the examinations and monitoring the students at the time of formal based assessment. The proctor will have various kinds of powers that will ensure the high levels of validity as well as honesty during the whole exam. In case any of the students indulge in any of the malpractice then the invigilator will report the institution within no time. The best part of this concept is that it can be conducted online. With the help of the concept of online-based proctoring the whole concept has reached beyond the boundaries of the geographical constraint and has allowed the organizations to assess their candidates from any location. The only requirement of this concept is a smart device along with a high-speed Internet-based connection.

Various technologies have been combined which can make the whole process very easy and efficient. In the traditional exam, the whole process was very much time consuming because the organization had to book a hall for examination, then it had to inform the candidates and the whole exam had to be conducted which involved various steps. After that, the test had to be evaluated and then the results were declared.

The concept of e-learning has revolutionized the whole process of conducting examinations. As per some study, the e-learning busy market is expected to reach about $ 280 billion by the year 2025. A lot of organizations are coming up with ways to modernize the whole concept and provide the best quality training to their employees. Innovation in this industry has introduced various technologies that have reinvented the ways to gain knowledge and upgrade the already existing skills. This has enabled the learners to purse a great path towards development in various professions.

 In the proctor-based exam, some of the organizations have to install the software so that they can keep full-fledged and complete track of the activities of all the candidates using the computer-based screens. The Web camera will also be utilized so that each detail is recorded and with the help of artificial intelligence the performance of the student can be analysed very easily. As soon as the test gets finished the software will help in validating the complete identity of the student so that integrity is maintained during the test. This software has provided a lot of ease and integration to the process of assessment. This has allowed the invigilators to conduct the examinations very easily and promptly. There are mainly three categories of remote-based proctoring and are mentioned as follows:

The live based proctoring: Under this kind of proctoring the experienced invigilator will keep a check on every movement of the candidate and will monitor them through audio as well as video. The proctoring service provider will require a person to sit at the location so that authentication can be ensured and there are no unfair practices throughout the test. Then the invigilator will help in conducting the whole exam with the help of various online platforms. In case any of the students indulge in unfair things then the test will be automatically disabled.

The recording based proctoring: Under this concept, none of the humans is involved and the whole process is completely recorded by using both audios as well as video mechanism. The candidates and their performance will be recorded, and the invigilator will see the whole recording at the time of evaluating the test. In case there any of the red flags had been issued during the whole process then he can report of the institution and can even cancel the exam of the student.

The advanced based proctoring: Under this concept invitation will also take place with the help of the recording and the audio-visual mechanisms. This is the best type of proctoring as compared to all others. Any of the suspicious activity will be detected very easily because of the highly advanced technology and the feeds will be monitored continuously to the proctor. This concept can analyse the movements of candidates so that there is no cheating.

This is a two-sided process. On one side there will be the invigilator and on the other side, there will be a student. Hence, to maintain the integrity of the whole process both sides have to perform the roles honestly. Distance will not be any kind of issue in this process. At a single point of time, the invigilator can assess approximately 20 candidates very easily. The only requirement will be a high-speed based internet connection.

As all the conditions are fulfilled, nothing will stop from starting the test. Initially, the candidate has to fill all the details regarding his profile like name, gender, roll number and many things. After this, the authorization page will arrive on which the individual has to submit the proof of ID and the most advanced ones even the facial recognition takes place. After the candidate has been recognized easily the testing for Webcam and the microphone occurs so that there is no error during the whole process. Then the assessment will begin the web camera will be on and the candidate will be assessed properly. Then invigilator will take a look at all the candidates in a grid-based view so that none of the candidates opens any of the other tabs to indulge in unfair means. In case any of the information has to be conveyed then there will be the option of chat box where the invigilator can send a message to the students and vice versa.

In the end, the candidate will be provided with the result and a proper analysis of each question which he or she has performed.

Hence proctoring services are gaining a lot of importance in nations like India and are a very successful concept.

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