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The Earlier Bird’s Guide to Applying for an MBA Program in 2022

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The Earlier Bird’s Guide to Applying for an MBA Program in 2022

A Master of Business Administration prepares individuals for leadership roles within their chosen fields. But the landscape around MBA programs is changing quickly. As businesses advance toward more global trends, universities are trying to adjust and keep up with the latest trends in business. When applying for an MBA program, universities will consider your statement of purpose letters, test scores, letters of recommendation, and more.

Every MBA applicant brings something unique to the table. But most business schools seek specific qualities in a candidate as they review thousands of applications that come across their desk. For instance, an MBA applicant’s must-have qualities are leadership, quantitative competency, excellent communication skills, realistic post-MBA career plans, and valuable recommendation letters.

When applying for an MBA program, you must convince the admissions committee that you possess these qualities. It will put you miles ahead of everyone else within your application pool. 

What Materials Do We Need for MBA Application?

Each school has its requirements. Before applying for an MBA program, you’ll need to gather the different information required for each school. However, there are a few common application requirements for most MBA Programs. Antai College of Economics and Management (ACEM), the leading business school in China, requires the following:

 1. Resume

Many business students gain experience from the workplace before applying for an MBA program, and mapping out their career paths early on can help students prepare to apply. Business schools prefer candidates with clear professional goals and experience relevant to their program.

 2. Personal Statement and Study Plan

An integral part of applying for an MBA program is your statement of purpose letter, through which MBA admissions officers get to know the candidates. Admission officers look for creative, concise, and clear letters with no grammatical errors. A well-written personal statement may be the deciding factor for students with similar academic and career backgrounds.

 3. Reference Letters

On average, when applying for an MBA program, you’ll be required to provide one to three letters of recommendation from people who know you in a professional setting. A candidate’s letters of recommendation should emphasize their professional accomplishments and highlight why the applicant is a suitable candidate for the program.

 4. Standardized Test and Past Academic Record

MBA applications require several test scores to compare applicant compatibility. For example, Antai College requires test scores for GMAT or GRE as well as English or Chinese proficiency tests such as IELTS, TOEFL, or HSK.

 Additionally, when applying for an MBA program, you need to make sure to stand out with your past academic records. Undergraduate transcripts showcase an applicant’s academic capability. MBA admission officers look at an applicant’s cumulative GPA, the undergraduate institution’s academic reputation, and the relevance of the applicant’s courses to their current chosen field. While there are no minimum requirements for an undergraduate GPA, you’ll have the best chance of being accepted with a GPA above 3.5.

MBA Application Timeline: How and When to Apply.

 *Note: Different schools have different application timelines mentioned on their official websites, where you can look up all the details. But generally, most business schools have three or four application rounds that start in the fall and end before summer.

 Whether you’re interested in local or international MBA programs, you’ll find that most business schools have three or four application rounds that start in the fall and end before summer.

 Round 1 is when the most seats are up for grabs. It means admissions staff have seen fewer candidates when they assess your application, increasing your chances of getting selected. It is also the one that offers the best scholarship opportunities and gives international students ample time to sort out their visas and accommodation. If you’re applying for Fall 2022, the deadline is September or October 2021.


Though it is advised to apply early on, you still have a chance of securing a place when applying for an MBA program in rounds two and three. Applying later will give you more time to perfect your application. So use that time wisely to write a quality application and stand out from the rest. Round 2 deadlines for Fall 2022 vary from December 2021 to January 2021, while round 3 deadlines usually come up in March or April 2022.

 Some schools have more than three rounds; Antai College offers two extra application rounds, with starting dates in October 2021 and final dates in May 2022.


Founded in 1986, Antai College of Economics and Management is one of the three oldest Chinese universities, constantly ranked top five in the nation.

As a leading academic institution in China, Antai College is well-known for its skilled faculty and students, state-of-the-art research centers, and academic partnerships with renowned institutions around the globe. Antai College is the first business school in China to be accredited by all three of the world’s most authoritative business school accreditation entities: AACSB, EQUIS, and AMBA, and their international stature continue to grow.

To learn more about the four core programs offered at Antai College, click here.

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