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Value of a good resume in Management

By   /  December 29, 2019  /  Comments Off on Value of a good resume in Management

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A resume is the very first impression that a potential candidate can create on the employer or recruiter. It is a document that gives a clear idea to the recruiter about the prior experiences, educational background of the candidate as well as his major accomplishments. It also gives a detailed knowledge about the candidates skills acquired, any relevant course, important projects he has worked on, and a professional outline. Resume should be well designed and tailored in such a way that the recruiter is soon attracted towards yours while going through several of resumes. An employer hardly spends six seconds while going through a resume and if one’s resume does not have the ability to capture the attention of the recruiter then you might not even be called for the job interview.

A candidate is often seen as a product and the value of the candidate must be marketed well so that the recruiter, who is the buyer here, is interested in hiring the candidate. If you miss to showcase your skills well you might lose the chance to grab your dream job. Thus, we know that resume plays a very important role in shaping one’s career. Below are a few more points why a resume is important:

  1. Resume is the first thing to reach the recruiter:

It is very important to keep in mind that your resume would be the first thing that would be creating an impression of you to the recruiter. It can either make or break your impression in front of the recruiter. If your resume is not well tailored according to their needs, they might not be interested in calling you for the interview. Thus, your chances of landing the job you want might be ending even before you reach the next step of recruitment process. You might have several skills but the recruiter would be looking for the one’s they need. If you do not precise it according to their need you won’t be bagging the job.

  1. Resume tells who you are:

As we have previously discussed resume has the most important and significant information about you. It is the first step of introducing yourself to the recruiter. It has your educational qualifications, prior work experience, acquired skills, worked on projects and major accomplishments. It should have every single thing that you want your recruiter to know about you. Mention your skills relevant to the job requirement, stories of your accomplishment and also in what way you will be beneficial to the company you have applied for.

  1. Resume convinces the recruiter that you are the one for the job:

Convincing someone to hire you might sound like a piece of cake to you but it is when you can meet face to face with your recruiter. For that you have to be able to get called for an interview. Thus, now you know the importance of your resume.

  1. Summarizing career aspirations:

It is very important for the recruiter to know about you future aspirations and goals. The career objective of an MBA is exactly what a company looks for in a candidate. A candidate is not only recruited by his academic background or prior experience. One may also recruit a person if their future goals and aspirations are in sync with the company’s future growth prospect. It is very important for an employee to have the same growth aspirations as that of the company and then only the person as well as the company can bloom in future.

  1. Resume showcases your achievements:

It is very important to brand yourself. But again it is also important to know how to market you well. Failure of showcasing any of your accomplishments or acquired skills might result in losing your chance to grab the dream job.

Thus, we can see the importance of value of a good resume in management as well as all other professionals who are seeking for a good job. Building a good resume is the very first step in building a strong and stable career. Today several professional services are provided to build a strong and well defined resume. One can take a professional help whenever one needs because the first step to be selected for your dream job.

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